Alaska Trooper Wooten Still Harassing the Palins

On April 11, 2009, fellow blogger Conservatives 4 Palin (C4P) reported that Alaska State Trooper Michael Wooten is still harassing the Palins to this day. C4P sourced an Esquire interview, which detailed the following: Wooten’s ex-wife Molly and Governor Palin’s then seven-year-old daughter Piper was sitting in Molly’s Honda Odyssey minivan, which has two electrically operated sliding side doors. Wooten claimed that Molly purposely closed the door on his arm, “causing bodily injury.” (Harassment, 2009, ¶12). Little Piper was called into the police station as a witness (Harassment, 2009, ¶16). The Esquire article referenced in C4P’s entry then details how Governor Palin’s father (Chuck Heath) and a friend tested the door by closing it on each other’s arms. The childproof door did what it was supposed to do — it recoiled back upon establishing contact with the experimenters’ arms (Harassment, 2009, ¶25).


A colleague of this author’s worked in the auto industry and recounted in a phone conversation how he tested these electric sliding doors with pencils. Once touching the pencil, the door would recoil back and the pencil was not harmed.

Clearly, this was little more than a harassment move on the part of Wooten, who was at the center of the infamous “Troopergate” probe. The four-times-divorced Wooten had among other things used a taser on his stepson, made threats against the Palins, shot a moose out of season, and drove his patrol car while drunk. He is still very much an Alaska State Trooper — a scary thought to say the least. All these acts are matters of public record and well-known.

Had this sliding door caused him injury as he claims, Honda would have a huge product liability lawsuit on its hands. No auto manufacturer could design an electric sliding minivan door that doesn’t have the safety feature of recoil upon contact with an object other than the latch. If Wooten were indeed injured, he would be well on the way to being the richest man in the state of Alaska and Honda would have to issue a major recall on its minivans.

Well…there is no lawsuit against Honda; there is no recall from Honda, and there apparently also is no hospital report of Wooten’s “injury.”

We now return to our regularly scheduled program of documenting Governor Palin’s accomplishments.


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