Salacious News Coverage: Levi Johnston and Disturbing Lingering Questions

The mainstream media has once again taken delight in reporting salacious news about Governor Palin and her family as the Johnstons are traveling the talk show circuit for the express purpose of bad-mouthing the mother of his child and the Governor. While this blog normally focuses exclusively on the Governor’s accomplishments, some recent developments dictate that the subject of Levi and Bristol once again be covered. There is more to this story than meets the eye — particularly regarding who is financing these appearances, what the financier’s motives are and who the financier is connected with.

The Johnston family’s trip to New York City was originally supposed to be for an appearance on Tyra Banks — a trash TV talk show host and major Obama supporter who on the same day Levi appeared crowned Michelle Obama as “America’s Next Top Model.” On April 8, 2009, Levi Johnston made an appearance on the CBS Early Show where he accused the Palin family of “lying about him” and referred to them as “snobs.” (Saul, 2009, ¶1).

One lingering and very disturbing question remains: who is financing this trip? Round trip coach airfare from Anchorage to New York City can easily reach $2,500 for one adult. Three adults made this trip. They are staying in hotels multiple days, eating and spending money in New York City. The Johnston family absolutely and clearly does not have the financial wherewithal to cover the cost of a trip that quite possibly has reached and far exceeded $10,000. Tyra Banks has denied compensating the family in any way for this trip. CBS cannot have done it, because the airfare and at least some of the hotel costs were financed for the Tyra Banks show. So who is the financier? Who facilitated this trip and these appearances?

Levi’s mother, Sherry Johnston faces six felony drug charges for dealing in Oxycontin. Levi has no job and no high school diploma. This is all known and public record. Again, the Johnston family clearly does not have the means to have traveled to New York City for these appearances using their own money.

Yesterday, several people, including myself were contacted by a hockey player familiar with Levi who disclosed the following on condition of anonymity:

  • Levi has been seen with numerous girls his brand new red Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Indeed his sister Mercede cited his numerous prior girlfriends as a reason Bristol does not want Tripp around him.
    • This raises a disturbing question: Who is financing this truck? A Silverado has an MSRP which ranges from $20,370 at the low end to $47,430 at the high end (Silverado, 2008). How is an 18-year-old with no job and no verifiable source of income driving a truck that costs minimally over $20,000 and at the high end costs nearly $48,000? Who is insuring this vehicle? How is he paying for gasoline and routine maintenance on this vehicle?
  • Levi brags that he’s totally going to take advantage of this situation. He proved it CBS when he said he was hoping this publicity would bring him acting and modeling gigs.

In their crusade against Governor Palin, the news media is elevating Levi as a hero. Unaccountable deadbeat dads will draw further inspiration from his example.

Some critical and lingering questions again remain: Who is financing these appearances? What are the financier’s motives? Who is the financier is connected with? Every attack on Governor Palin since August 29, 2008 has borne the fingerprint and stench of Obama, Axelrod, Emanuel, or one of their minions. It would not surprise me in the least if the financier of Levi Johnston’s talk show tour was a Democrat operative or in some way connected to that party at very high levels. The shop-worn axiom of “follow the money” holds true here. Why has no one asked the very basic question of how a job-less teenager drives an expensive truck and travels 4,400 miles with two adults in no better financial condition than himself to one of the most expensive cities in the world? There, he does a talk show circuit in which he engages in a crusade against a sitting Governor and her daughter with whom he was man enough to create a child but not man enough to provide for said child. Why the sudden urgency to speak out and “tell his side” of a matter the Palins have largely been silent about?

While the mainstream press is busy engaging in National Enquirer-style reporting to slime the Palin family, Obama wants to strip Alaska of its missile defense system; he has said nothing about a rogue communist state not too far from Alaska which is saber-rattling; has bowed to the Saudi King; he has done absolutely nothing about the first piracy attack on US seafaring interests in 200 years; he apparently has no problem with Iran’s 7,000 centrifuges to produced weapons-grade uranium; he wants to grant amnesty to illegal aliens; he wants to force all OB/GYNs to perform abortions; and he seeks to gut the First and Second Amendments to our Constitution. This is someone who is putting our country in grave danger during each minute he occupies his current position, but the mainstream media has placed priority on the musings of Levi Johnston.

The answer to all these questions lie with motive and money. Once the questions of where how this money appeared are answered, the motive will be crystal clear. The fact that this remains a mystery is clear indication that someone connected to this has something to hide.


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