Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Laments Lack of Representation in Juneau

On Monday, April 6, 2009. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin submitted a new nominee to the state’s Democrats to fill the District B State Senate seat left vacant when Kim Elton took a patronage job with the Obama administration. The events leading up to his nomination were discussed at length in the April 6 entry and others prior to it.

As of Thursday, April 9, 2009, the Alaska state Democrats have yet to vote on Governor Palin’s new nominee, Joe Nelson. The 90-day legislative session now has 10 days left (Representation, 2009, ¶1).

“Juneau residents are lacking representation in the Senate as final decisions are made on the budget and other important matters,” Governor Palin said. “Democratic senators rejected my first pick for Senate District B. I urge them not to drag their feet on approving the new designee. Filling this seat is important to the residents of Southeast and all Alaskans” (Representation, 2009, ¶2).

“It is certainly my hope that this well-qualified designee, who clearly loves Alaska, will be accepted by the Senate Democrats in the very near future,” Governor Palin said. “But whatever their decision will be, they need to ensure Juneau residents that this seat will be filled in a timely manner” (Representation, 2009, ¶4).

According to a 1987 legal opinion, Senate Democrats must openly and publicly vote on the Governor’s nominee (Representation, 2009, ¶5).


As stated in prior commentaries on this subject, L’Affaire State Senator might have been avoided had the State Senate Democrats not attempted to foist their choice on the Governor. She has submitted the second nominee; who is also highly qualified for the job. The time for political brinkmanship has come and gone and the time for a confirmation is fast arriving.


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