This poll has the best news for Donald Trump I've seen in a long time

A new Pew Center survey shows Donald Trump down 4 points nationally to Hillary Clinton, which counts as good news for a candidate who’s further behind in most recent surveys….

But beyond that topline number, the poll contained one important thematic question that offers a glimpse of what a winning Trump effort might look like. It shows that Trump voters overwhelmingly have the view that life in America has gotten worse for “people like you” over the past 50 years and that a clear majority of Americans overall agree with this pessimistic assessment.

Clinton’s campaign message has been considerably more upbeat than this. And it would be very difficult for her to pivot to a downbeat message. Her supporters, for starters, have a sunnier view of things. And young people and African Americans, two groups that she really needs to make sure turn out to vote in November, see the glass as half full.

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