It Ain't over till the Fat Lady Sings---The Prisoner Trade

It isn’t over till the Fat Lady Sings!!

The Prisoner Trade

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



Okay gang, we all know what the Obama did was wrong and has endangered all Americans and given the Taliban permission to kidnap us for ransom and especially our guys fighting overseas.    He still runs the administration like Al Capone from Chicago, doing what he wants and when.  This was an illegal “DISTRACTION” from all the other scandals going on such as the IRS, Benghazi, and VA scandals.  He runs this country as a “Crony capitalist” state.   But let me tell you something, he isn’t dumb….everything he does has a PURPOSE and there is a method to his madness even if most of it is anti-constitutional and illegal.


One:  We all know even us very conservative folks that he couldn’t and can’t execute prisoners in Gtmo…right?   There would be an uproar.


Two:  He’s used these drones for execution more than any other president, even against americans overseas (turncoats and traitors, so that’s fine in my book).


Three:  Do you really think these taliban and AlQueda leaders will honor their promises and stay in Qatar at least a year and not get involved in any activities?


Four:  Don’t you think that we can’t target these individuals and track them for the minute they set foot outside of Qatar?


Don’t worry boys and girls, I’m sure we let them go with huge crosshairs on their backs visible from high altitudes to make drone targeting easy.   I will lay odds that within a year, they will mysteriously be taking perpetual “dirt naps” after the drones get them.   Meanwhile we can prosecute this traitor we got for desertion and have him making metal lockers in Leavenworth Kansas.


Fear not, I think they will ALL get their come-up-ance……