Political Scandals and Correctness or What annoys me

Political scandals and political correctness or “What annoys me”

by: Dr. Jim GSCHW IND

The despondent correspondent



You’ve heard my rants and raves I really have a hard time finding where to start. Let’s start with some of the latest scandals:


The hearings and Benghazi, the murder of American citizens by terrorists abroad with no help from the backup and some unknown entity who issued a stand-down order. Congress is investigating this. But where has is gone. Are they protecting Hillary?


What annoys me, is now there is a federal court decision with the Bureau of land management against a rancher in southern Nevada who had guaranteed leasing rights for his cattle of feed on federal land. How many more ways to they need to find to taxes or fine us or to ease more money out of us.


There are some odd coincidences with this case; first of all the head of the Bureau of land management is a supporter in Nevada of Sen. Harry Reid. Harry Reid’s son in law is representing a Chinese company to install a solar panel field on the land in question. In my insane or do I not think that an investigation is called for.  I would call for this investigation if it was for one of my own candidates. Government corruption must not be able to survive. The head of the Bureau of land management was an advisor and campaign worker and contributor to Harry Reid. That alone should cause an investigation to be initiated. We all know that with Harry Reid in his present position this investigation will go nowhere just like Eric Holder’s investigation of the Justice Department for the arms debacle, and the Black Panther voter intimidation scheme. What may seem ordinary to me is the fact that Niger Innis who was once a mover and doer in CORE (Congress for racial equality) and who introduced Herman Cain as a presidential candidate, and who by the way is a black conservative, is the one spearheading calls for an investigation of Harry Reid. I know this will all be brushed under the carpet but we should try anyway.   What is this?   A black conservative who works for a racial equality group striking out against the Democratic/progressive/communist juggernaut?   According to the Congressional Black caucus, this is “impossible” and the person is a traitor.   I think not.   I’ve met him and he is sharp, talented man much like Herman Cain and other black conservatives including the publisher of the Tea party Magazine nationwide.


Another thing that annoys me is the fact that many people think conservatives are being hateful and racist when they’re not. Martin Luther King Junior was a Republican and a conservative since he espoused the true purpose of the Bill of Rights for blacks and whites together. He was also a registered Republican as was his niece who speaks it many tea party and conservative rallies. Why is it that liberals think that if you have conservative views there is something wrong with you and that you’re not happy somehow of course were not happy?  We have a majority of the consensus in the United States of people that think our way by the last poll people they consider themselves conservative were almost 40% were S people that consider themselves liberal or progressive were less than 20%. How has it happened that the minority has been ruling the majority? Most people would think common sense dictates that majority rules. However with voter apathy and people giving up it would seem the stay-at-home voters have given us up to the progressive Communists. I do not want to be ruled I do not want to overthrow my government I want my Constitution to work and I want us to return to our Constitution. Never before have so many talented man gathered in one place and agreed on anything. Sure it has its flaws as he counted slaves or individuals of African descent as two thirds of the person in a compromise between the North and the South which later led to a bloody brother against brother Civil War. That war ended and supposedly brought equality to this nation. Wrong again. Thanks to Democratic carpetbaggers those that we chose to free in the South were still enslaved. Do not let others twist your facts. Lincoln was a Republican conservative against Democratic proslavery forces including his vice president at the time who eventually was the first to be impeached. Just as Clinton was saved by one vote so was Johnson almost a century before. Does that make things right?


Another thing that annoys me: when did pregnancy become a disease? Are we that far from our roots that we don’t realize that pregnancy is the salvation of all humankind? I will not be a spokesman for the pro-or anti-abortion life people it is up to a one and her God. Any man who speaks on this issue is doing women everywhere to service because he is a fool.


This annoys me also: when did science become a religion? Are we passed the Middle Ages where a scientist could be put on the rack for claiming the earth is round? The purpose of science and scientific investigation is Einstein once said is

“to discover what we don’t know, if we knew it we would be investigating it”. I’ve had to pass scientific or review boards for my books and dissertation. We all learned the scientific method. This current global warming or climate change whichever they want to call it since the 70s on is a cult, religion and the government actually bags and please scientists to submit papers proving this. This is not the scientific method. The scientific method is met to find an answer to a question not to prove a myth or misconception minority holds. This method that they are using on the so-called “hockey stick” theory which has been disproven is only continued so that many researchers and I use that term loosely, can obtain more government and private grants…….It has become big money and big money like this finds its way into campaign funds…..”follow the money”. This is not “proven” science as our government officials will tell you. There are many scientists who disagree with this concept. I think the common person out there understands that they cannot predict the weather in a week how can a predict climate 10or 20 years from now. I studied whether extensively is an intelligence specialist this was needed to operations in any area of the world. As a matter of fact I hung around at the Hickam Air Force Base meteorology center waiting for a ride home with my dad many times. I learned enough to were in eighth grade, I actually taught my class map reading and meteorology. The only thing that has been proven correct since Obama took office was the fact that he said the waters would recede almost godlike in tone and in fact it did. In the past 10 years the waters have receded 1/4 inch around the globe. To a high school science student, this will say ice is being formed somewhere……. just not where their measuring it. Take into account the fact that Nome Alaska required an icebreaker convoy to resupply it this past winter. Also take into fact that the North Pole due to the Earth’s wobble and deep earth quakes of a hide magnitude have shifted in North Pole 40 miles closer to Moscow.


I guess the last thing that offends or annoys me, is the fact that if you and I talked disparagingly against the current administration, we are called racists, hatemongers and many other demonic names. I’ve experienced this in my own family who came from the very progressive Wisconsin area, the home of many former progressive/socialist heroes. My own family based upon my editorials and my writings, although I was taught to think on my own without repeating other people’s preformed talking points, as labeled me a hatemonger. They have asked me,” we thought you were happy’. To them since their cause is emotional and not logical it is only right in their mind, to think that someone talking against an administration is somehow sick or unhappy. I was taught to read early in life and when I was 13 I had read most of the classics and as many other books as I could lay my hands on. I do not let those books cloud my judgment I let them guide my judgment and think on my own. I do not let other people’s words come out of my mouth or my pen. That was the way my mother and father taught me and I’m proud of that. I get so discouraged when I hear otherwise intelligent individuals merely repeating what they’ve heard without hearing the other side are digesting anything logically.


I guess conservatives and liberals will never be even close to agree so I try not to even try. We are in the middle of another great ideology Civil War to test whether the principles that started this great nation will survive or not. With brainwashing going on in our schools but misguided progressive communist inspired teachers in many areas, thank God not in this area, we have to turn the tide in our schools with our youngsters. They must and God knows they need to be, our next “great generation”.


You and I, my brothers and sisters in Christ, have done a great disservice to our children and grandchildren, and that annoys me no end. We have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the “great deceiver”.  Obama and progressive liberals have succeeded in the minority ruling over us as the majority. We’ve made our own mess by trusting others and by not voting or ignorant voting.


I’m annoyed that our country has lost its “in God we trust” attitude. If we lose God we have lost our nation. It is sad fact now that it’s frowned upon and considered impolite in front of others if we say a prayer or Pledge of Allegiance or salute the flag. I’ve dedicated my life to this country, flag, family friends in three services and in government service. I dedicate the rest of my life to help right the wrongs within the law, for if we don’t do it within the law, what do we really stand for. I am a gun owner I believe the second amendment, I believe what are framers of our government thought that unarmed people become subjects, while armed people are citizens. I see dark shadows on the horizon, and I see and hear people talking about the second Civil War to protect state rights and individual rights against encroaching total fascist control by an out-of-control federal government. I believe there still hope for you and me and our children to correct these grievous wrongs within the framework of the Constitution and the law. I will never advocate violence is the country I love even if it means my life, because I swore many times in the to protect the Constitution and the United States of America and that I will until my dying day. I owe this to my children and grandchildren. It may be too late for me, but if all of us try and train and teach our young what we had and lost maybe they will try and get it back again one day.


It annoys me that this administration uses the BLM, IRS, EPA, Dept of Justice and homeland security to deal with his enemies list.  Despite congressional hearings the abuses continue and they take their “lead” and “marching orders” from the top, make no bones about that……..If it smells like a duck and walks like a duck….It’s a ^^&%% duck!!  The smell of corruption and outright Cronyism, is too obvious.  Take for example the fact that the computer company that controlled the software for the Obama care (sorry it’s not politically correct…Affordable health care act) was a classmate of Michelle Obama and that the government gave them (yep, the same guys that messed it up) a contract to fix it?  Now does that make any sense?


It annoys me that the nations that used to at least fear and respect us (yes sometimes they have to fear you and know you will do what you say….),  Ignore anything our president or his emissaries say?   How many “lines in the sand” do they need?   Thanks to Obama our old friends are now alone and drifting leaderless and our enemies are emboldened, while our military has been stripped to pre-WWII strength.


Yes, it annoys me that these people can outright LIE time after time and the media and a little less than the population give them a “pass”, just because he’s a black president, instead of judging his ability to lead.  We have the most incompetent and ignorant president we’ve ever had (I’m sure Jimmy Carter is happy now that he doesn’t hold the distinction anymore….wonder if he sent Obama a thank you gift?).    Yes, he’s charismatic and as he says “gifted” but he is not smart enough to run this country when he has his “Chicago mafia” guiding him with their dirty tricks and lies/smear tactics.   Yes It annoys me that they spy on their own citizens and demonize and lie about anything and think they can get away with it.   How is that “hope and change” working out for you “obamaites”?  Enjoy it while it lasts……you supporters are like the proverbial frog in the boiling kettle that doesn’t know it’s being cooked until it’s too late.   Wake up and jump out of that Pan folks.


Finally would annoys me, is the fact that we feel useless and helpless, and we shouldn’t. Why don’t our elected officials do with their sent there to do? Why do we still have to fight them to protect our rights? Why do we continue to send such corrupt and greedy individuals to serve us?  When will we learn? When is the point to where we say “enough already”, “I’ve had it”? I believe it’s like the friction point on a clutch in a car. It’s there, we just have to feel for it.


We still have time, God help us. May our children and grandchildren understand that SOME OF US actually tried to turn the tide.   I believe America is the greatest political gift God has given mankind, but because we are all human, we must be diligent on who we select to represent us and help steer this massive and diverse society away from the lighthouse and the rocks…..So since he/she (equal opportunity…who said God had to be a man…) gave us this chance and this land of unequalled beauty and resources, I say “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” with God filling our sails with a steady breeze……Let’s all join together and recover our bounty and this wonderful  land……you want “hope and change”?  By now the only “hope and change” you can understand is divine providence and our own courage.