Political correctness and economics

Political Economics and the Public:  The big falsehood

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent

I am a doctor of Economics and Business leadership and crisis management and a disabled career government and military intelligence employee.   This said, I believe we are on a dangerous collision path economically with a traditional foe, China and yes a two front war with a new “class” of professional democrat and republican politicians.

Let me cover item one first.   This dismal GPD report that we grew at .1 percent is a warning and a dire one.   Our foreign trade is now 30% of our GDP which is up greatly from 30 years ago.   Most of this trade is with China who has devalued their money, prevents foreign investors from “repatriating” their earnings back to the US.    Now the only thing I’ve ever told anyone was that investment in China was tenuous.  I did get excited when they allowed private ownership of land in China (stock Symbol CHLND) but that doesn’t tell you the whole story…We are the only country almost in the world that allows foreigners to buy land.  During Vietnam I had a bar in Subic Bay and had to have a “local” be the front man for it as I couldn’t own things there.   Bear in mind they used to be a US Colony with a Military Governor and voted for statehood prior to WWII (that vote was close but it lost).  Most countries even those expatriates in Mexico will tell you it is highly restrictive.    With China growing at tremendous rates, and owning a large portion of our debt we DO have to worry about their progress….who will say that if they don’t get desperate they won’t call in the debt?

That being said, China may be expected to outdo us in GDP in four to five years and that silly super bowl commercial will come true.  There is a danger other than what I’ve said so far for closer ties to China.  Yes their GDP is growing but what many don’t realize is that they are building factories, roads, apartments and superstructures that remain unoccupied and unused because they have not created a large consumer base such as our large middle class.   They are building a “house of cards” and they cannot keep subsidizing apartments, factories and other infrastructure without it being utilized and empty without it eventually collapsing.   This is a strange combo of capitalism and socialism in a land that demands strict rule (I have two years of Chinese History studies to substantiate this).    Margaret Thatcher said it and Argentina proved it….”eventually socialism runs out of other people’s money”.  In our own political climate, this power fight in Nevada between Harry Reid and the Bundy ranch is a good example of what is happening.   Few people know that this land is only good for grazing and not good for much else.   Except for the Fact that Harry Reids son is involved with a Chinese firm that constructs solar panels to put a huge solar farm on that property and that’s why the government wants it.   Not because of some endangered species.  That is a Red Herring produced by the EPA for Harry Reids benefit.

Now how do people like Harry Reid get into positions of power?   The answer is still evolving.  I’ve talked to you at length about my distrust of both parties and how the Tea-party will eventually change the Republican party.

Well this is how I see it:   over 65 % of the American public distrust what we are now calling the “ruling Political class”.   For those of you who have read, you know this as a form of Oligarchy.   Government has gotten so big that in the last election both candidates raised almost a BILLION (with a B) for each site and still split the vote.   This is because the supreme court lifted any limits on the so called “super PACS” that bundle campaign contributions.   So we have millionaires and billionaires on both sides “buying” elections and we all know at that stage the politicians are “beholding” to them and “owe” them.   We have become a nation where are government officials are “bought”. Foreign governments like USSR  during the Reagan/Carter campaign are even able to donate under shell corporations.   No wonder why most Americans feel lacksidasical or indifferent about voting  because they feel (94%) that they have already been disenfranchised.    What does your 200 dollar contribution mean?  NOTHING.   You think you are going to get “access” like these billionaires?  Forget it!  You are a fly in their soup, nothing more nothing less and you are “disposable”.  Other government offices ignore the plight of Americans because the tendency is to follow the lead from the TOP and we all know how they feel.  How can we survive on these misguided and sometimes criminal intentions?   How can we go on with lies and tyranny?   Do you think 0.1% national growth is going to make your life better?  Think again.

It has gotten to the point where the “political” class (not Middle Class) is “ruling” and “fooling” us.  Don’t put up with it.

We must get our country back.   I say go third party and get rid of ALL OF THEM before it’s too late. We need “grass roots God fearing people to go and actually “represent” our good and not the good of a “party” or their “benefactors”.    Hey one good thing….now that our growth is .1% we can all say we are one percenters.   God help us in this mission.  My fellow AMERICANS…..Stay alert and pay attention…there is serious corruption going on.