BENGHAZI…..”Hey dude, that was two years ago”?

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent


Hey “dudes”, it’s me again your loyal correspondent. How many of you really and I mean really take this White House aide who looks like he just graduated high school seriously?  Tommy Vietor is an aberration to anyone who thinks are government employs the academic elite. I was shocked  when he commented off-hand  “hey dude that was two years ago” to Brett Bier on Fox news. But I did loved it when Brett retorted but “dude, you were there”. This phrase is almost as nonsensical as Hillary’s comment that “it really doesn’t matter”.


I am glad John Boehner is finally getting a select committee together. Darrell Issa, laid some good groundwork and now we are being updated with White House memos, emails and  whistleblowers. Everyone knows that secrets cannot be kept in Washington DC, and we knew eventually some of this would come out.


Not only do we know now that the military was waiting for orders to come from State Department to the European command to launch a rescue, but we also know that they were ready willing and able to do it. This is according to the general who was J-2 intelligence for the JOC (Joint Operation Center), who was in the situation room in Germany at the time. We also know that the president was not in the White House situation room, and was totally uninvolved as usual.  This President has been called the most “absent”  and “uninvolved” president we have ever had.


We also know that the talking points were tampered with at the White House. The CIA station chief, military commanders both in DC and “in theater” were well aware that this was a planned terrorist attack and never once used the word demonstration. Even the State Department initially called it a terrorist attack.  Demonstrators do not have well coordinated attacks and have rocket launchers and heavy weapons ready to go.  Any serious follower of current events can draw the conclusion that this occurred on an “anniversary” of 9/11 and was well thought out.


Secrets do not stay hidden very long in DC.  These facts and truths will come out and will be embarrassing to the president, Hillary and others.  Congressional persistence for once, is ferreting out the truth. We still however have 10,000 documents that have been subpoenaed and have not been received by Congress. This stonewalling by the Obama administration will eventually crumble.  I agree with Boehner that this borders on “criminal”.


Hillary was quoted as saying “what does it matter, anyway”.  Well Mrs. Clinton, it matters a lot the American public to know how much they are being lied to and each day that we find more and more lies and evidence of tyrannical behavior by our government and the current administration makes us more and more thirsty for the real truth.


I may be quoted as saying “standby dude, it’s ready to hit the fan” and “it matters to every American white for brave men lost their lives” although it may not matter to you Hillary.


Remember this all happened two months before a general election. Connect the dots if you will look this reeks of another Watergate type cover-up to protect the president’s posterior prior to an election.


The truth will come out. We are a country of laws, and no one is above those laws. We are not subjects in your fiefdom Mr Obama.   I pray to God we learn some good lessons from this and never allow politicians to rule us and feed us a steady diet of pabulum lies. Remember Barack and Hillary, lies always come around to bite us in the end.   Political judgment day is coming soon and the American voter will dish it out.