You can't get rid of this horrible bill by Defunding it

Defunding Won’t Work!!!!

It’s a “Mandatory Entitlement” Now!

Dr Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent


Now folks this is getting weird and I would think our esteemed congressmen on both sides of the aisle would know this……the fact is you can’t get rid of Obama-care (Affordable Health Care Act) by defunding it because it falls into the category of “mandatory entitlements” that will continue even without a continuing resolution which only affects “discretionary” spending anyway.  I have gotten a bill through our congress and know how this works and what the Republicans are doing now just DOESN’T cut it and winds up shooting them in the feet.


By defunding the “discretionary” portions of Obama-care you are only dealing with the beaureucrats that form the infrastructure and the beltway has a way of shuffling funds and people or responsibilities around to take care of paying the government workers that comprise that infrastructure so the mandatory funding remains untouched because it’s an “entitlement” not “discretionary” spending.   You are only dealing with about 5%-10% of the cost of this bill.  I would think the proper course would be to delay until after the elections in a year the implementation of this odious law.  Even the opposition to repeal agrees that since Obama-care has implementation problems even before it even starts to take affect 1 Oct and the Administration isn’t ready for it and admits they are having problems.


Shutting down the government does us republicans nothing but ill will and always has and accomplishes nothing except making a political statement that we aren’t smart enough to get rid of this horrible law the proper way.    Most of the government will not shut down anyway so this is a wasted maneuver.    A clean CR bill will at least have most of the cutbacks from previous that the Administration and progressives have already reluctantly agreed to.  Why after 7 years we still cannot get a budget passed is beyond me and borders on reckless but this has become the norm to string together continuing resolutions instead of a budget.  This is thanks to Obama and Reid and they must own that.


So how would one logically and practically get rid of Obama Care?  Either repeal it entirely which means that can’t even happen with a Democratic Senate and President and not enough votes in either house to override a veto or even get it past cloture in the Senate to even come to a vote.    It is also possible that we can repeal certain sections of it a little at a time and probably a better course of action and would get more support as there are items appearing close to implementation that labor unions that formerly supported the bill and even progressive congressmen find unsavory about the bill.  Could that be why congressmen have voted almost unanimously to exempt themselves from the law?


There are many doctors who are not accepting any patients without insurance close to its implementation.   My fiancé is experiencing this right now as some doctors and public hospitals dealing with other specialties such as rehab and pain management doctors are refusing to take new patients especially ones without insurance.


This idiotic law has to be either repealed or fixed soon or we will all suffer the consequences.  So I ask, beg and plead our lawmakers to get off their duffs and quit the useless theatrics only designed to let us know they haven’t forgotten but succeeds in accomplishing nothing.  Quit wasting your time and ours and DEAL WITH IT.