Politically incorrect weather?

Weather Questions?  Politically Incorrect?

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



Listened to Mike Huckabeetoday on the radio. I  Like him but the scientists he had on regarding the weather were only partially right.   I’ve always been into the weather (taught my 8th grade class this subject in school, Hawaii) and as a career Intelligence Specialist when I put the school curriculum together and taught it we had a block of Weather as it is important to any intelligence gathering operation prior to an operation or exercise especially amphibious or airborne ops.   Anyway the interviewee he was talking to said scientists are puzzled why the hurricane season isn’t as they predicted.  I can help on that, and I’ve been asked that many times and I’ve written about it.  Trouble is the geologists, oceanographers, meteorologists and other specialists don’t share information very well and have a tendency to stay strictly within their fields, a major fault that I find in many disciplines even medicine.  Ever notice how ortho versus neurologists and even chiropractors are often jealous at odds with each other even though they all perform some of the same manipulations to ease your pain?  Just a small example.  In my book I made the comparison about social scientists and physical scientists that they must compare notes due to fast arriving finds and now we have some doing that and they are called “social-biologists”.


All these facts below have been verified by NOAA and other scientists within the past two years.


I wrote an editorial a couple years back where I explained that if the world’s oceans according to NOAA have dropped 1/4 inch (the only thing Obama said would happen if we elected him that came true….:) then there is ice forming somewhere.  This is logic as Spock would say.   Also even High Schoolers know that the earth’s axis is constantly changing which changes our angle toward the sun and that the earth is pear shaped not circular which causes a wobble (remember your old earth sciences….bet they don’t teach that anymore).


You take the fact that our last major “deep” and 9.0 earthquakes and massive tsunamis occurred after the last major hurricanes in 2005 and scientists know that these types of events cause the earth to shift so very slightly on its axis and Teutonic plates have been shifting increasingly such as the new beachfront property in Eastern Japan (estimated they lost a couple miles of old coastline).  Also that much water movement from a huge water displacement causes more wobble on our planet.   It’s as if you would fill your cereal bowl with too much milk and try to carry it to the table, it would slosh back and forth and you’d certainly lose some wouldn’t you?


Fact……Scientists are bemoaning the fact that Greenland is losing some of its icepack………Nome Alaska had its worst winter in decades requiring an emergency icebreaker convoy of supply ships weeks to break through……another fact……the North Pole is 40 miles closer to Moscow than it was 10 years ago (all those little fractions of earth tilt add up over time!)…..this means that Florida and Greenland both are 40 miles closer to the old north Pole or 40 miles further from the equator, it also means the ocean and air currents are different on the opposite side of the Atlantic where the waves leave the dry Sahara region of North Africa, hence it affects the formation of hurricanes and the different trade winds and jet streams especially those across the US create colder winters up north and milder winters and hurricane seasons in the south while still managing enough wind shear to prevent anything from forming to a great extent.


Meteorologists will tell you that things like the Bering Strait icing over and closing up are important to keep that worldwide current that is the Humboldt going down the West Coast and curves around the continents throughout the world and directly affects our weather as the air currents are directly connected to ocean currents (salinity and temperature).   Small changes can and do affect our climate and weather to that extent.


I guess that’s the best I can explain it from my studies and that’s because I listen to ALL specialists not just meteorologists or oceanographers or geologists, who should be all talking to each other wouldn’t you think?…..You guys figure it out any better?


I’m sure you are shocked that I didn’t get into a political essay and diatribe but I have more than one interest in life.  LIFE IS GOOD.  As always I remain your humble correspondent.  Next time it’s MORE POLITICS.