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The Despondent Correspondent




Talk about me, the “Despondent Correspondent”……oh I know everyone before the election got used to my tirades and rants (but based on fact….not emotion….That’s a liberals “tool”) and then I got even more despondent fighting my disability with the government and got sidetracked like many of us do and then it seems we stop caring after the election…..but this public has so apathetic and despondent about the most horrendous scandals this nation has seen since George III ruled us a few hundred years ago until we threw off those heavy shackles of slavery and fiefdom.  Does it seem too many rational intelligent folks that too many voters don’t vote unless it’s for American idol or something the Kardashians are doing?   Reality shows have taken over the lives of so many that you can’t even record enough of them on modern cable dvr systems.


Let’s look at some of these scandals starting with the NSA eavesdropping one.  As a former career intelligence specialist who was assistant to the Director Naval Intelligence John Butts in the Pentagon who also had an office near him for the Director of Naval Security Group (Navy’s contribution to the NSA), I can attest that at least in the military side of the NSA in the 80s there was never a hint of eavesdropping on normal citizens without court orders.  Perhaps things have changed since the “good ole days” but having been in the system and having been read into almost all sensitive programs, I find it hard to believe that this low level individual who had only worked there three months could possibly have been exposed to enough to become a valid whistleblower.    I think its all hogwash and a made up scandal especially knowing the patriotic and how “conservative” in nature and respectful of their oath to the constitution most of the individuals who work at the NSA are.   This traitor shows himself as a traitor and a complete moron by complaining about personal liberty and then taking refuge in capitals where even the mention of personal liberty would get you arrested?   Does that sound like someone in their right mind?  Do not get the NSA confused with the progressive liberals who infest many other government agencies especially those in the IRS and State Department because those are some of the few government workers who actually believe in that oath they took to defend the constitution and they work tirelessly and “legally” to protect us all.


On to the IRS…..Oh My God (OMG?) what does it take to get the American public to stand up and take notice that something has been seriously wrong here?    We have a “rouge” government agency operating in one of the most corrupt American administrations in history and the public is still more interested in what their “celebrities” are up to.  The IRS copies the Presidents attitude to the tee so how can they claim it is “low level employees” when the “attitude” flows from the very top.  And that attitude is basically one that does what it wants whenever it wants and laughs condescendingly at congress and their hearings and basically plays us all for fools quite the same as “fearless leader”.


Think about all the time and effort wasted “targeting” conservative groups with key words in their titles such as “patriots”, “freedom” and “constitution” just to name a few when they can’t even figure out that they sent more than $46 million in tax refunds to 23,994 “unauthorized” alien workers registered to the same Atlanta address but that Atlanta address wasn’t the only one that received millions in tax refunds housing thousands; there were actually four other addresses in Atlanta and six in other states that were issued anywhere from 1,846 to 23,994 tax refunds each.  Aren’t our modern computers able to detect these types of anomalies in a data base or are some corrupt individuals getting kickbacks and turning a blind eye?  This is according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report issued in 2011 at the request of Congress……where are the congressional hearings on this scandal?   Who cares?   What does it take folks to wake us up to the fact that it is time for a FAIR TAX and the abolishment of a ruthless and rogue, unaccountable, above the law, IRS?  A consumption tax is the only fair way to keep our taxes out of the hands of those who want to maintain “enemy lists”.


Recently IRS conventions in lavish resorts have also come to light and are being questioned by congress.  All this occurs during this so called sequestration?   It reminds me also of the lavish “vacations” fearless leader Obama and his first lady “Marie Antoinette” are continually taking at taxpayer expense while you and I struggle for gas money to visit friends and families.   His recent Africa trip he was disappointed because of the millions he would’ve had to spend on a Kenyan “safari”.  Apparently it was cost prohibitive because he would have required snipers and a longer list of “support personnel” to accomplish it.  The snipers were to prevent any wild beasts from getting close to the President and threatening him and the royal family.  Mr. President…….open the White House for tours again and for god’s sake stay in your lavish taxpayer provided home.   And if you can find your office instead of a golf course finally pay attention to the business we pay you to do!!!


Benghazi where four brave individuals were murdered has finally gone to the backburner in everyone’s minds.  There used to be a time when if you messed with an American overseas, especially a diplomat, the offending country (who by international law is responsible for diplomat safety) would have seen some of that “shock and awe” we provided Iraq when we toppled that dictator.  What’s happening to these hearing?   Why isn’t Hillary on the witness stand and when will we ever find out who gave the military an order to “stand down”.


Finally another corrupt agency that should scare the living daylights out of us and yet most Americans remain apathetic to say the least.    The Justice Department breaking into computers and Emails of even their closest allies within the media not just their mortal enemy Murdoch and Fox News mind you, but their friends?    To top it off now we are to sit back and let Attorney General Eric Holder investigate “himself”?   This is just too absurd and sometimes I feel like getting the truth out of anyone in wonderful DC is like “nailing snot to a wall” (quote attributable to my dear friend and publisher Bill Rife).


Friends……I’ve finally snapped out of MY funk, now when and what does it take to get everyone else’s attention?  WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

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