The Despondent Correspondent......The Emperor Has No Clothes!!!

The “Emperor” has no Clothes!

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



A wild and crazy night?  Who would’ve guessed the Master manipulator and our “ruler” (according to Valerie Jared) would fold at such a crucial time to hold on to power?  Finally we see “fearless leader” without his royal attire stumbling like a high school debater on his first competition.


Part of this was that Romney came out in the debate as a “pro” and a “businessman” who knew what he was talking about.  The other part of the scene was devoted to a stumbling Obama who probably didn’t even practice as he has said he has a “gift”.  What a “gift”!  I’ve told you all along that he had no experience in anything and is totally lost without a puppeteers’ hand up his behind as he has no concept of what he is doing.  He is just more totally enthralled with the power he has and thinks nobody would dare oppose his great oratory skills which were poorly lacking last night as even Democratic pundits admitted.  Without his teleprompter and a “script” he is totally lost.


Now don’t get me wrong he is a smart man, but cannot think “deep” as he has spouted the same lines that he was raised with so often that he actually believes the false statistics he has been saying for years to the point where he expects everyone else to believe them also.  He still expects “Chicago style” that if you tell a lie enough times that some will believe it.  Only this time he deceived himself to the point where when confronted with “real” facts and figures by a professional at facts and figures, he was totally lost.  Romney obviously studied and Obama obviously didn’t even know the real truth of the economy.  Lets also understand that he is so “cocky” that he probably said to himself two weeks ago “I can handle this lightweight” and went about his business of NOT running the country, being out of touch with fellow Americans in the land of “Camelot”, as well as running motorcades down Pennsylvania avenue to his favorite hamburger places, and basically just having fun enjoying the office of president and the power that comes with it.  Michelle will probably dump you after the Election Barry because then she won’t have that extravagant government entourage to take her taxpayer paid $6 million dollar foreign visits.  I always said that instead of Marie Antoinette who stated let the unwashed masses “eat cake” when they were out of bread, she would probably say “NO DON’T let them eat cake!”


When I say he is a “smart” man I mean it but the problem exists is that he is an ideologue and cannot see past what he has convinced himself he believes totally.  What does he believe?  He believes in class warfare where the middle class only “gets in the way”.   He has done more to destroy the middle class than any other president in history and has great disdain for it.  In four years our prosperous middle class has shrunk 12% and the black middle class which had been blossoming shrank almost 20% so he hurt the black middle class more than anyone and yet they will still vote for him.  Why do you think the unemployment and food stamp roles have risen so sharply?  It is because the former middle class individuals and families are now in POVERTY!  Your President, (not mine) is devoid and showed it of any empathy towards those he considers beneath him and there was no way to hide it.  Why do you think there has been a rise in a number of talented black conservative individuals at this time?   They have common sense to break away from the crowd and do their own thinking.  Lets not forget MLK was a “republican” and that during the Civil War DEMOCRATS were the “pro” slavery party.   They also were responsible for those famous “carpetbaggers” suppressing black voting in the south with Jim Crow laws.   That’s HISTORY and it’s FACT, so don’t come back with any of your liberal emotional “nonsense” about “social justice”.  Social Justice is merely a nice term for stealing from someone to give to someone else like we think Robin Hood did.


What does Obama stand for?  He stands for and has stated it in his OWN BOOK that he believes America is a despicable evil “colonial” power that oppresses all nations of the world.  He and Michelle (she stated so remember?), believe the USA doesn’t deserve the position of number one power in the world and he set about correcting that wrong with our military and with his foreign affairs fiascos.  He apologized after inauguration to all the Muslim nations of the world.  His first national address was not to US it was to the Moslem world.    He hates Christians, Jews and fellow blacks who are poor (uses them) and anyone who can sit in Jeremiah Writes church for 20 years and love the United States is indeed the best actor around.  He cannot stand the existence of Israel no matter what he says publicly, he has spurned all of our allies and made new “false” friends abroad much to our dismay.  He has taxed us without representation by going around a lazy congress too involved with its own problems to call him to task and an irresponsible Supreme Court afraid to challenge him and with his proliferation of Czars to avoid senate confirmation hearings.  As a retired military man of the Marines, Army SF and Navy Intel, I still cannot stand that notorious “crotch salute” he displays when the national anthem is played or colors pass?  Is that where his heart is?   God help us all!


He was totally and unabashedly exposed for what he was last night.  He showed he was a stumbling incompetent who had never had a job experience in his life (except for the one in his book where he said he was “behind enemy lines”) and completely despises America and its success story of “individual achievement” and progress.  He showed he lacked any understanding of economics and capitalism and how it worked because his cause was always “emotional” as it is with many far left individuals (socialists, communists) who cannot comprehend “common sense” or “facts and figures” because they never argue or debate with them.  Their call is ALWAYS emotional and when they are confronted with REAL facts and figures from someone trained in our own economy successfully, they always FOLD and resort to name calling such as “racist” which now stands for anyone opposing him and his Chicago “mob”.  Fold is exactly what he did.  Some blame it on lack of a teleprompter, but I ALWAYS knew what he was and what he did and didn’t stand for.   It was apparent also that he is very “thin skinned” as he “endured” the debate instead of participating in it.


Hasn’t ANYONE read this guys own autobiography?   Warning flags are fluttering all through that fish wrapping.  At least some are paying attention….thank God (politically incorrect?  You betcha!).  One local caller this morning to a local radio station stated that Obama “looked like the candidate instead of the President and Romney looked more knowledgeable and Presidential”….good for you.   Fran Lutzs panel following the debate and he screens tightly his focus group to get a good cross-section had 13 Obama voters and after the debate 10 of them had switched!  Let’s not forget the Hollywood ultra liberals who finally gave up in exasperation and tweeted all sorts of disparaging words?  Of course don’t expect some of these kooks like Maher and the normal “suspects” of changing their votes.


Am I being to tough on him?  Probably but then I’m DEDICATED to the proposition that if he gets re-elected, that this country is doomed and it will no longer exist as we knew and loved it and we will have a new civil war (which was predicted by one of those mystics we keep hearing about) and the Flag we knew and the values and standards we have).  Who do we have to thank?   Obama of course who went against the will of the American public too many times like George III and PURPOSELY divided this nation between the haves and have-nots and “gimmes”.  I cannot and refuse to believe that almost half of this population of fellow Americans are “suckers” enough to fall for his tripe and are willing to lose everything in the process.   I just CANNOT believe we have come to that.  I have nothing to lose as an old man except to do this for my Children and grandchildren since I’m already on the “enemies list”.


Kudos to Romney finally (it’s about time) for coming out swinging and finally showing everyone that our glorious “emperor” really has no clothes…..!