What and Why Libs Think?

What and Why Libs Think?

Dr. Jim Gschwind

The Despondent Correspondent



It is very frustrating for conservatives to talk or reason with liberals and I hear this all the time from fellow conservatives.   What is this and what makes liberals so frustrating for conservatives?  There is an easy answer.


  1.  Liberals ignore facts when those facts dispute things they “emotionally” feel.
  2. Liberals first of all don’t THINK they EMOTE and cannot understand why a conservative always gives up when trying to reason with them because “reason” is not how a liberal thinks, liberals only “feel” something is right or wrong.
  3. Liberals just love to “repeat” things their “betters” have told them to believe.  Not one has an original thought and cannot complete a debate or even a normal conversation without becoming emotional and resort to name-calling.
  4. Liberals cannot comprehend that and unarmed population is a nation of sheep and victims.  I will never allow myself to be a victim.
  5. Liberals will never understand that every nation that has ever turned in all civilian weapons has eventually succumbed to authoritarian rule.
  6. Liberals will always believe (note I didn’t say THINK, because they don’t) that crazy mass shooters would never get a weapon if THEY were allowed to make the rules.
  7. Liberals love to use the word “democracy” (first used by progressive Woodrow Wilson) despite the fact we have never had a nation founded as a “democracy”, we are a “representative republic”.
  8. Liberals (Starting with Woodrow Wilson who thought it was an archaic document) believe the constitution of the USA has no place in modern society.
  9. Liberals believe it is okay for a government to “rule” us, rather than represent our majority view.
  10. Liberals believe because they are LOUDER that they are actually the majority when recent polls have shown most voters consider themselves more conservative.
  11. Most liberals don’t know Martin Luther King was a republican and will deny it.  Most liberals also don’t know most conservatives respect Martin Luther King.
  12. Most Black liberals think a conservative black is a “traitor” and subject those intelligent, talented conservative blacks to all manner of insults even though the number of black and Latino conservatives is rising and rising.
  13. Liberals love to call conservatives “fascists” (National SOCIALISM) even though none have looked in the dictionary to see it actually applies to them as government “control” vice “ownership” under communism.
  14. Liberals believe the oath to defend the constitution that they take when entering government service is as arcane as the pledge of allegiance first thing in the morning in school.
  15. Liberals wrongly believe that they are always right because they “feel” right.
  16. Liberals will always tell those who oppose their insane views that they are “haters”, “racists” or “evil capitalists” who want all the children to starve despite all the corporate charity that is donated to various causes.
  17. Liberals think the United States of America has caused more damage throughout the world than good, when most rational Americans believe the opposite.
  18. Most Liberals do not know that the United States has “liberated” and helped more countries than any other superpower in history and only after each world war we asked merely for a portion of land to bury our dead after freeing them.  We do not and have not “occupied” nations.
  19. Liberals never grew up after the 60s decade and that is why we are in such a bind today.
  20. Liberals believe in Kensyan Economics which essentially means “trickle UP POVERTY” and hate Reagan for his “trickle down” economics.
  21. Liberals believe polar bears can’t swim and that their population is dwindling.  (Fact polar bears can swim up to 70 miles in open ocean and often do and their population in Canada has increased by 5,000 to the point where they are almost becoming a nuisance).
  22. Liberals believe the ice caps are melting due to fictitious, unproven global warming (National Academy of Science, of which I’m a member, is constantly begging scientists to produce papers proving the “hockey stick” graph hoax of 1998 and global warming).  This ignores the facts (which libs do continually) that the worlds oceans fell ¼ of an inch during the last five years as well as the known fact that the North Pole is 40 miles closer to Moscow, putting Greenland 40 miles closer to the equator (oh no could that be why ice is melting somewhere in Greenland where all the Kool-Aid drinkers are measuring Ice? And why Nome Alaska had to be “rescued” by a convoy of ice breakers as the Bering Sea recorded record ice…couldn’t be…could it?).
  23. Liberals believe that mankind is a virus on mother earth and is causing the so called global warming ignoring the fact that 7 other planets are also warming up.  Planets I might mention don’t carry a single human.
  24. Liberals think the idea of “God” is silly and the product of mankinds imagination and myth.
  25. Liberals believe tea-party members are racist dirty red-necks while they push unwashed crowds of “pond scum” into the streets for “occupy” movements with the bully thug tactics of Union Bosses who call for violence against those who are against them.  But let one conservative even “think” of fighting back and they want him executed or at least taken off the streets.
  26. Liberals cannot understand that they aren’t the center of the universe.
  27. Liberals think the Tea-Party is gone, but they couldn’t be more wrong.  As Ted Cruz shows them (oh no! a Hispanic tea-party member) and others will show them this November.  The Tea Party knew its strength was in the grass roots and used that strength to bolster local, state and congressional candidates who shared their views.

Yes boys and girls, the tea party still exists and stronger than ever. And we will be marching to the polls by the millions on election day to save this great republic and then maybe we will become known as the “greatest generation”.