Tradgedy and Sadness.....then...Gentlemen start your engines!!!

Tragedy and Sadness. Then…Start Your Engines!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


I must admit both sides (except the usual anti 2nd Amendment crowd diatribes), comported themselves gentlemanly both announcing suspension of their campaigns respecting the Colorado tragic shooting victims and their families.  I too am shocked.  According to scientists who have been studying the human brain however, 3% of us have the brain scans that show a total lack of activity around the amygdalla which supports human empathy and feelings for others.  These individuals are regarded by researchers as individuals carrying sociopath genes when criminal/serial killer brain scans are compared to others.  Those of you who are part of the 3% that are exceptions are able to overcome this lack of feeling only through your nurtured upbringing and the friends you made along the way plus subconscious bio-feedback fighting back the evil feelings that many often feel.   Walt Whitman (Texas Bell Tower, remember)  has the presence of mind to leave a note suspecting something was wrong with his brain, while requesting an autopsy… and he was right!, as they pulled a golf ball size tumor out of his brain.  We will ALWAYS have sociopaths among us who had poor nurturing and upbringing experiences many attribute to child abuse in various ways.  Many cannot handle the self control required of “normal” walking among us sociopaths that exert self control through the conditioning of their good upbringing.  Note to the gun control “fanatics” out there”, the assailant would’ve gotten his guns and ammo anywhere, anytime even after you’ve left all citizens defenseless.  In fact crime will go up and this is proven in Britain and Australia after gun control efforts which were eventually abandoned.  Nothing a criminal LOVES more than a defenseless victim.


I was extremely pleased however with the temporary civility shown by Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney who both suspended their campaigns at least until that Monday when they were hard at it again at fundraisers.    Obama kicked it off with more strange statements that probably made his “handlers” cringe in the background (except for Valerie Jared, who probably wrote them on the index cards for him).   After getting the drift that their attack ads were not working and knowing they can’t run on their record, they’ve begun demonizing the opposition even more and more.   They also know that even incumbents that had a better “likeability” rating (which Obama has a big margin) were also defeated due to economics.   Economics will remain the main issue throughout.  I will however give them both and especially (wait for it, wait for it……) Obama for the eloquent and non-partisan comments he made immediately following the killings, unlike the partisan comments after The shootings in Tucson, when both sides began accusing each other of fueling bitterness and hatred.   The young mutant that was responsible for these killings as well as the Tucson offender both had a number of screws loose.   I should admit right now that I HAVE not one but FOUR screws loose form my neck surgery back in December 2011 after a traffic accident where I was rear ended and it hasn’t changed my attitude nor outlook at life one bit.  I’m still the testy-grouchy old man that I was in the past who comforts himself by attacking (in writing) all that he sees wrong with the direction of this country and the same bull-headed patriot who would love to see things return to enable the “American Dream” to be alive again without another Civil War which at times seems inevitable (see previous articles for those details).


My disappointment. With MY candidate, Mitt Romney is that he is saving his ammunition so to speak (his war chest) for the last few months of the campaign.   When I spoke to the co-chair of the Florida Romney camp, he told me to be unafraid because Romney would unleash himself on Obama within a month.   I pray it comes sooner.   I hope Obama and the press won’t be cutting the legs out from under him as they did in England and by Obama signing an Israeli/US military bill the day Romney arrived in Tel Aviv (coincidence?…I think not).   Obama saw an opening and was grateful to Romney for giving him some breathing room from his back peddling of the notorious comment “You did not build your business”, comment.  I’m sure Obama was grateful for the slightest reprieve as he was getting fried daily for that comment.

Now lets get this straight, when Obama makes a comment that bring hellfire down upon him from all sides….IT IS NOT A GAFF!!!  He has come under such an attack for his latest comments; he had to take out a personal (Obama speaking directly to the unwashed masses) ad defending his statement.  That is not NORMAL in any campaign for a sitting president.   This is the way Obama and his minions actually think, don’t you ever doubt it.  Oh sure, they will come back and say it was given out of context when the whole sentence is available to everyone to see and we know that isn’t the truth.  Just like the Bain capital remarks in Obama ads were proven to be total lies by the New York Times Fact Check section and given three (that’s a lot) of Pinochios and when confronted and asked to pull the dishonest lie, they admitted stretching the truth but said the ad would continue to run and in fact put another ad on the air that some said added another Pinocchio to the score card.


But this is true to the Chicago Democratic faction that believes in Union thug tactics and smear tactics.   They will lie through their teeth until THEY even believe it.  It’s the old saying that if you repeat something long enough and hard enough, enough people will believe it to be fact and make a difference.


Is this the type of campaigning we are going to see for the rest of the season since he cannot defend his dismal record of destroying so many sectors of the American economy and basically black and white middle classes?  What makes this worse is he claims to champion the black vote and yet has damaged the Hispanic and black middle classes both of which were rather fragile and growing more than the white middle class voting demographic.


He may be more popular right now than Romney as far as likeability, but many are seeing an actor on the stage and we still are only getting glimpses of the REAL Barack Hussein Obama.   I’m afraid of what we will see if the veil of secrecy around him is totally pulled away.   He is a totally believing, card carring Fascist and he brewed the Kool-aid others are drinking.  He’s NOT ignorant, but highly intelligent and everything he does he does on purpose.  Yes polls prove you can like a guy as a “nice guy” in a social event, but be totally opposed to him as a politician.


Once again, I have faith in my fellow voters that they won’t be “conned” by Chicago politics at its best/worst.    Evidence in recent polls shows that the economy is still the defining subject of the election and Romney better hit it harder and harder than ever before and come out of that shell because we cannot underestimate the crooked machine behind Obama.    Get out and vote and take an independent with you…… (Remember if you were a democrat…..votes and vote OFTEN).


Till next week, this weeks shenanigans have totally exhausted me to the point where I must take my meds and chill.   I purposely wait until my weekly rant is over before calming myself down on doctor’s orders so that I may be better able to see clearly what is obviously a big con game.   Remember my faithful readers, spread the word and get out the vote!   It’s our LAST Hope for an America you will ever recognize agai