Lies, Apathy and more lies, but who cares?

Lies, Apathy and More Lies!

But does anyone care?

Jim Gschwind, PHD

The Despondent Correspondent



On this anniversary of my best friend and love’s passing it is only fitting that I continue my pledge to bring back the America her and I knew as children.  She was as distressed as I was and for good reason.  For that purpose I shall push the self-pity aside and do as she wished I would do and continue my “rants and raves” in an attempt to fire up my fellow voters against this monstrosity of an administration that has been pushed upon us by a minority of the voters.  Remember 41% of Americans consider themselves conservative and only 20% consider themselves liberal, so in essence we are being “ruled” by a minority opinion.


I say “ruled” as this is what the administration says it is doing according to the evil witch of the east…. Valerie Jared.   The last time we were “ruled” was under George III and I think we made our feelings pretty well known back then.


We have so much at stake that you will not be able to recognize the America you grew up in and even back then with all the good and bad, it was still the beacon of hope throughout the world.  America used to be something immigrants sacrificed their lives to get to amidst struggles and persecutions in their home countries.  Now we have persecutions, Executive Orders that get issued without oversight from Congress or the Supreme Court.


Apathy is rampant in the conservative ranks even until recently with its standard bearer who was unable to light a fire under any voter demographic.  I had prayed and hoped and used academic thinking to understand that Justice Roberts’s decision was done on purpose to light a fire in the conservative ranks.  So far it remains at home in the grass roots where the tea-party continues to work on local candidates trying to change the entire atmosphere of politics throughout the country and it is working.  There are numerous protests and meetings of many people in various communities and it’s not getting press because the liberals still control that and they are in Obama’s pocket.


I must regress though, I was shocked not at the lies in the Obama ads that “factchecker.org” gave three Pinocchios but by the fact that the Washington Post and New York Times two liberal papers actually agreed with “factchecker.org”.  I was also NOT surprised to see the Chicago “Political Mob” running the campaign say they wouldn’t retract them and in fact immediately came out with one more lie laden than the previous message.   Their point is and their campaign is and continues to be “If you say the same lies long enough and persistent enough, more people will actually believe them” (paraphrase not attributed to anyone but Sol Salinsky, the Patron Saint of the new Democratic party).   I believe and thank God that I’m hearing from enough fellow Americans that aren’t drinking the “Kool-Aid” this time.


At a recent tea-party meeting I met a Florida Co-chair for Romney.  During our discussion I was dismayed at his response when I asked when Romney was going to hit the “passing gear” and really start attacking back instead of being constantly on the defensive.  I know this subject is near and dear to many ardent conservatives.   He mentioned the time-table for that was “next month”?   Come on!  Another person underestimating Obama and his evil minions from Chicago who have been hitting it hard for awhile already.   I was pleasantly, no JOYOUSLY surprised to see Romney “turn” on Obama’s tactics the very next day.   It’s about time and refreshing to say the least.


With the International Arms Control agreement probably coming up in the lame duck session as well as taxes and with Obama’s anti-constitutional “rule” with Executive Orders we cannot chance him getting one percentage point on us.   Romney needs to understand as we all do how this may be the very last truly democratic election (i.e. not in the Hugo Chavez vein of elections) for this country.  The threat of “fascism” loams large and a college professor of mine in the 70s said our Representative Republic is threatened more by fascism than communism during the cold war.  His words ring true.  A reminder, Fascism is the State CONTROL of the means of production (i.e. quotas and telling what and how much to buy) rather than communism/socialism which is the State OWNERSHIP of the means of production.


That is what we are facing a true populist fascist dictatorship within only a short span of time if the constitution continues to be trashed as it is being trashed right now.


The solution is VOTE, VOTE, VOTE your hearts out.  If I were a democrat from Chicago I might add “and often”…….Don’t be afraid, be brave…..I’m not afraid of his “enemies list” why should you, when he’s out of office it won’t matter anymore and we’ll be FREE from the yolk of tyranny in this day and age.


On this solemn anniversary of mine and with her last wishes in mind……I bid you farewell till the next “rant”.