What's Life and Politics?

What’s life and Politics?

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


Now that the battle has been enjoined between our Republican Candidate Mitt Romney and fearless Leader Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps we should take time to reflect on what this election means to you and I and our grandchildren and those we love.


Sometimes we have to take a step backward and try to see the forest for the trees so to speak and see what all this means to you and I and our descendants.  This is indeed a turning point for all of us despite the individual turmoil and turning points in our individual lives.


Bottom line for those of you who haven’t been paying attention is that this election if the government allows it even to happen (martial law? Signed in March by Obama), will decide whether our children will have the freedoms we were blessed with growing up in this marvelous nation or whether they will be burdened with a socialist dictatorship reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the last century where blame was cast on everyone but where it really belonged.


I love to sing and a friend the other night asked me to sing the wonderful song by Louie Armstrong called a “wonderful life”.  I found myself questioning myself afterwards even though I did a “passable” imitation of that famous song, whether our children and grandchildren would even recognize the life we were blessed with.


I wondered even out-loud whether some paleontologist of 300 years from now unearthing our ancient Facebook ranting’s would even be able to find an ancient machine to play our thoughts or even if they could understand our current concerns.   I would compare this to Nero fiddling while Rome burned in ancient Rome and our failure to understand what those citizens were going through.


Is this worth it to be the voice “crying in the wilderness”, constantly warning others of the doom we face and then I realized that in our history men and women have always arose to the crisis of the moment.  There will be someone in our generation I’m sure.    Even lackluster leaders such as George Bush were able to rise temporarily to the moment of greatness after the 9/11 attacks.  And that was what was needed at that time just as Winston Churchill’s inspiring speeches inspired our sister country during WWII.


I am confident since we are a nation dedicated to God (despite what the secularists declare) that someone somewhere will rise to the occasion and lift us to victory.  I also have renewed confidence in each and every one of YOU that when the chips are down and everything is looking dim, that YOU will rise above the current situation and save our great country.


As God is my witness, I know there are those among you who will not let this test of our nation and the greatest governmental “experiment” ever,  go down in disaster without a good fight.


This is my hope and prayer that has been revitalized by meeting many of you and talking to many “common” folk who will decide the fate of this great nation that we are not “idiots” that the socialist and Marxist opposition think we are that can be manipulated like putty in their hands.  We are too smart for this and will not tolerate it.


God grant all of you the wisdom and courage in the voting booths this autumn. We  will prevail and I am counting on you.  God continues to “bless America”, my home sweet home…..and we will prevail against the forces of darkness and evil that surround us daily in our fight to preserve life and liberty for ourselves and that of our children.