Breaks over……The Final Round?

The Despondent Correspondent

Jim Gschwind, PHD


Sorry for the “break”, but I knew things would work themselves out with my dear readers and the political scene and I was right.   Plus, I deserved the time to take care of my failing frail ex-airborne body and enjoy time with my family prior to what I perceive as our conservative “final round”.  For those of you who know me, yes ….I did survive both the surgery and the visit of six of my grandchildren in my humble little home.


I also wanted to let the dust settle among all the pundits and the temporary indignation of the recent Supreme Court ruling among staunch conservatives to wane prior to jumping back into the fray.


Now that you have had a chance to study and look at this complicated ruling, I hope you understand that it was actually a “gift” from Justice Roberts to the conservative majority in the nation.   Others besides me have seen this as a last minute reprieve from the malaise that had taken over conservatives throughout the country.   It has the potential to reignite tea –party and moderate excitement at relieving ourselves of a “ruler” who has dashed any semblance of “protecting the constitution” from our minds and Justice Roberts has handed a spirited issue to those members of the “toss all the bums out” crowd in order to protect states rights as well as individual rights both of which have been horribly trampled in the last three years.    It has rekindled the indignation of those of us who have been run over by the 18 wheeler of big government at all costs.


Thanks to the Supreme Court and especially Justice Roberts, the Liberals can no longer say they will not tax you as the penalty has been ruled “a tax”.  Lost in the confusion is the conclusion the commerce clause of the constitution cannot be used in the future for any further nefarious congressional purposes to advance a bigger and bigger federal government.


Also lost in the confusion amid our moaning about our own individual rights was the issue of constitutional states rights and those specifically designated in the constitution as belonging to the federal government.  Since the Civil War, supposedly squashed the argument of states rights, it has been resurrected as the federal government especially under the criminal activities of Attorney General Holder continually sues various states that seek to protect their populations and therefore also our individual rights.  How strange it has evolved that the civil war issues have been resurrected by an administration that came in stating its intention to “rule” us and “bring us together” rather than the actual outcome of alienating even some liberal leaders and the spirit of entrepreneurship  and opportunity under capitalism that made this country great.  Our state governments have actually been forced to take the position of defending all of our personal individual rights from a monstrous and bloated federal bureaucracy intent on controlling us from cradle to grave.  They are accomplishing this merely by their own defense of states rights which already caused us to shed too much blood to preserve.   Yes for those of you who attended government “indoctrination” (schools), the civil war was NOT started to eliminate slavery, it was started basically as a war to protect states rights.   And we actually though it was resolved all this time?   Think again.   Who knows how far states and many individuals will take a defeat this time in the polls.    Both sides are contemplating the “unthinkable”, a second Civil War?   It is in their speeches and in their actions behind the scenes.   I have repeatedly warned my readers of the possibility of Martial law, if the administration sees a definite loss and that they will not readily hand power back over to the people of this great nation.  We saw this with the Executive Order of 23 March 2012 which would enable to Federal Government to do just about anything it wanted to do in event of chaos.  Also in the supposed normal purchase by Homeland Security of millions of rounds of so called “training” ammunition for all the government agencies.   Well as most of us are veterans and know that one does not use more expensive hollow point rounds for training.   There are undercurrents outside of DC of more and more individuals arming themselves and preparing for what they consider “the worst of many outcomes”.   The tension is rising just as it did over 160 years ago.   Conservatives are tired as evidenced by reinvigorated tea-party membership that 20% (liberals) are “ruling” over the majority of 41% conservative in this nation.   Our national leaders? (no… “rulers”) ignore the evidence every day, just as they ignore our desires such as repealing the “affordable health Care act (Obamacare)” as just the mutterings of lowly educated masses and they actually “know better” than we do on what we want.


For those of you who think the Tea-party has disappeared, you will be surprised in November, because they have been working behind the scenes building and promoting candidates at the local level as any grassroots organization should.  They know, that to change the political way of “doing things” and the status quo that they must start at the local level.  That is why it appears the state governments seem more interested in preserving individual rights as well as state rights.  Historically we have NEVER been a strict democracy, we are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC and we should not forget that.  The word democracy was never commonly used until Woodrow Wilson used it and actually connotates “mob rule”.


Most people now know that under strict definition, this administration is socialist or to be more exact “national socialist”.  Yes, that means “fascism” which is defined by all as the “state control of the means of production” rather than the strict socialism or communist “state ownership of the means of production” and we are seeing how well that has worked in Europe and for the past few years here in our beloved homeland.


I am not afraid.   Someone once asked me what would I do if our “cause” lost in November?  They asked would I go somewhere else?   I said, “Even as old as I am becoming” I swore numerous times in my career to protect the “Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic” and I will follow that allegiance to my grave.   By lending my voice to all those who advocate a great United States without more bloodshed that is exactly what I am doing now.   I pray there is no violence at the outcome of November 2012, but if that is our destiny, I will not shirk my responsibilities to defend my country.  I also beg of my fellow conservatives and our current “ruling” administration, to refrain from violence as long as we still are able to vote freely in this country.


I desperately hope things don’t come to that, but I do believe in my fellow citizens and their wise voting which they showed in strength in 2010.  I believe those “rulers” will be shocked by the outpouring of individual citizen patriotism in November this year that will “turn them out”.   I believe in the inherent goodness and intelligence of my fellow citizens.  I trust they will not let this nation which has been the focus of so much good and sought after by wave after wave of immigrants as the “land of the free” go quietly into history as a failed experiment.   Don’t let me down and I will stand with you for this, the greatest country in human history.