This is OUR MOMENT!!!!

This Is OUR MOMENT in History

Don’t let it Pass us by

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent



What a roller coaster!   One minute you are on top of the world and the next you are down and depressed.  We forget that ALL organizations or collections of people for common goals have had problems.   Take the actual beginnings of the Catholic Church for example when their goals hadn’t been corrupted yet by the world of mankind in the middle ages.     All the original apostles and disciples of this humble Jewish carpenter met horrible and gruesome ends and quite frankly died,  failures and yet others filled their ranks to meet the same fate until eventually they achieved success.    Same is true in Politics and Action Committees and social and fraternal organizations such as the VFW, Legion, Elks, Moose, Masonic lodges and similar organizations.   Granted in this day and age leaders of these groups won’t be facing death such as the early Christian pioneers but their disagreements and troubles within organizations are perceived as crucial and just as important and real at various times for the survival of each of these of organizations.


Some say it is the same with the Tea Party.   I pray that most do NOT exclude democrats and insist that good Tea Party members come only from the republican party.  There are some good allies we can find who are good conservative democrats and independents.  The Tea Party started as a “non-partisan” grass roots organization (Taxed Enough Already T.E.A) excluding NOBODY as long as they agreed with tea party principles.  I am hopeful that enough tea party local organizations have taken our original intentions to heart and opened ourselves to ALL.  Yes I know the old argument that it opens us up for detractors coming in just to upset the apple cart so to speak.   Fine, maybe it can work in reverse and we will actually gain converts to our position through our use of good old conservative Common Sense.


We are doing some great things at the grass roots level as the recent Wisconsin vote indicates, this could be a prime recruiting tool for our local tea-party as independents become more disillusioned and leave their prior affiliations in search of something they can stand for like we stand for our ideals.   Historically after the Mondale fiasco for the Democrats who were mostly more conservative (i.e. Dixiecrats) many found Reagans conservative “common sense” approach refreshing and became new conservatives (neo-cons?) and republican.   One has to remember  that the Administration of John Kennedy was devoted to low taxes and was rather conservative for a democrat (not to mention a Kennedy) and that’s where all our new republicans came from.


What are we doing now?   We are concentrating on the grass roots with local elections to build a firm base as well as attempting to increase the strength and numbers of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress.  Think about this……does it matter what type of republican gets the White House as long as he has to deal with a huge tea party majority in congress?  Congress has all the power constitutionally especially the power of the purse so any Republican President will definitely have to kow tow to the tea party caucus in congress (both houses!).   That is really our goal and a wise one it is.


I am worried however.   I know most of you think Obama is becoming his own worst advocate when allowed to speak extemporaneously (off the teleprompter) on the campaign trail.  I’m sure he is his own handlers worst nightmare especially with the idiotic statements he has made lately.    Many of you think he is capsizing his own boat, maybe so, but you must KNOW THIS.  These statements he is making are NOT “gaffs” which are “mis-statements” but reflect his actual economic knowledge level and what he actually BELIEVES.    He said so himself in the autobiography where he acknowledged he felt more comfortable around socialist and communist (his parents were avowed communist) students and faculty during college.   These are actually “REVELATIONS” not mistakes into the actual beliefs of Barack Hussein Obama.  I find it frightening that he is that confident that he feels he doesn’t have to hide his true thoughts anylonger for political expediency.


He actually believes that growing government (more govt workers equals less unemployment?) is the stimulus and the fix needed for this country.     To those of us smart enough to see that this is just more of the same, it is like knowing the country is now a huge forest fire with us standing with our backs  on the edge of that cliff and he wants to throw more gasoline on the fire.    To be honest, I really don’t think he can “feel our pain” as Michelle claims he does and I don’t think he understands how dire the consequences are right now.   I believe his handlers and closest advisors (remember that “brilliant” Valerie Jared?) really have him convinced the country is doing better with “doctored” figures and statistics.   And of course everyone he meets in the White House from famous football players and others are wealthy and can contribute mega bucks to his campaign so where is a problem for him to actually see?    Perhaps we should’ve never cleaned up the slums that were within sight of the White House back in the 50s and 60s when I lived there the first time, then he’d have a clearer view of what his policies are doing and also of what a corrupt administration he leads.


Actually he doesn’t know the meaning of the word leadership as he and his minions continually use the plural possessive and tells us they are “ruling” us like monarchs of old that we ridded ourselves of a couple centuries ago.  He “leads” on no issues and refuses to give honor and credit to his country and those who protected it.  On the anniversary of an important event such as D-Day he attended no less than 3 fundraisers if that tells you where his priorities are.  Quite frankly I am grateful he didn’t attend any military memorial services as I get sick to death every time I see him with that famous “crotch salute” with his hands folded in front of his groin during the playing of the national anthem.   He dares after publicly showing his feelings to call himself an “American” and that I find definitely sick.


What worries me is that these “populists” have waited so long for power, I don’t think they will give it up very easily.  They will use every dirty in the book while republicans like Boehner try to play by “gentlemens rules”.   That is more reason why everyday americans and especially those of you patriotic tea-party members get out there every day and at every opportunity to fight voter apathy and any chance for the progressives to pull off an Obama victory.  Surely you  all know that another term of Obama will totally destroy any vestiges of American values and the America you grew up in.   You will be at a loss for words when your great grandchildren ask you what life was like before  the “Peoples Republic of States”  and you’ll be kicking yourselves for allowing apathy kill our dreams and goals maybe by a very minute percentage or one or two delegate votes.


You remember calling our parents, and for you youngsters, your great grandparents the “greatest generation” because they fought fascism, well this is now YOUR TIME, it is OUR MOMENT……seize it NOW before history denies us our new title of the “NEW GREATEST GENERATION”.

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