Get ready for More....it was only a Battle folks....not the entire war....

Not so Fast Folks!! It was only a “battle”!

The FIGHT has only begun!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


Alright, now that all the “whooping” and “cheering” dies down on the Wisconsin vote against the recall of their bold governor, keep in mind that with all that exuberance you are showing right now, it can soon morph into malaise and apathy just before the November election.


History tells us this is often the case where a group of individuals think “they have it in the bag” and let down their guard.   You might keep in mind how many times in the past we’ve thought this only to have our heads handed to us by the executioner.


I hope the Unions and Democrats/Progressives noticed in this bastion (home base for the Federal Employees Unions) the tea-party supporters DID outspend them.  While they are whining about that I’ll remind them that they invented this tactic with George Soros and his many perverse organizations designed to attack decent individuals and especially conservative republicans.   We learned this tactic from you!  How does it feel?   Now if we could only get those old “establishment” Republicans leftover in congress to know how to actually “fight back” without the fear that they will be “accused” of “obstructionism” or maybe common sense?   The Tea-party now turns its efforts toward those cowards who espouse conservatism but cower in the corners of congress afraid to voice their opinions toward the oppressive and anti-capitalistic and anti-constitutional progressives.  They were elected to represent us and “fight for us” now hide in shame.  Perhaps the biggest success in this battle is that renewals in the Federal Unions has fallen by about ½ and 1/3 in the teachers unions in Wisconsin according to a poll run by the NY Time.  I hope and pray for “progressive apathy” at the polls this November, but something inside me tells me I know better than that.


Yes, that was an important victory against the strangle hold unions have held over us since the 60s.   I’m not totally anti-union either.  I’ve belonged to unions where the managers become the shop stewards and I’ve been fined by the retail clerks union $50 for merely picking up a piece of trash on my way to a break area.   I’ve seen the “chummy” way that leading clerks become shop stewards and then use that to work their way into management.   I’ve enjoyed Vegas where mob and union money built an entire “recreation city”.   I’m sure the mob in every major city has enjoyed the “legit” outlet for their nefarious affairs and money laundering that union leadership provided.  I remember the “big fight” UPS had with its workers only because the company opposed (and probably for good reason) having the Teamsters “guard” the workers pension money.   I have to leave it with that as it is probably the most ridiculous argument I’ve ever heard for a strike…..imagine….someone thinking that they couldn’t trust the Teamsters with their retirement money?     That’s almost as ridiculous as Obamas remark this Friday morning regarding the Greek debt crisis and the debt crisis in Europe as a whole.   I am quoting here and try not to laugh so hard you ignore the rest of my story……”A country has to learn not to spend more than it takes in with revenue” (Barack Obama 9 June 2012, press conference).


Suffice to say folks, this tells you where the tea-party efforts have been concentrated while the so called mainstream press thinks they went away.    NO WE DIDN’T!    We (the tea-party) have been concentrating on local elections and congressmen.  We have noticed that some of those we elected in the landslide of 2010 have really done some “backsliding” and we are determined that they know we were watching.    The same goes for these aging dinosaurs such as Boehman and Cantor who seem defenseless and cowering in fear at the consequences of attacking Democrats.  I know locally that the tea-party is working against Bill Nelson, (D-FL) and Jeff Miller (R-FL) who they don’t trust to overturn  the “Affordable Health Care act” (Obama-care) and just might ratify that UN international gun ownership treaty that we are hearing about.   Local Religious groups plan an “occupy” movement at the federal courthouse between 21 June and the 4th of July at the Pensacola, Florida Federal Courthouse and you need to get out there and support their bid for our original religious freedoms.    Remember if you let them keep stripping you of freedom, you will be left standing in a cell-block as a political prisoner next.  LET IT START AND END RIGHT THERE ON THE STEPS OF THE COURTHOUSE!!!


Yes, fellow patriots we won a “battle” and an important one, but  we must concentrate harder and fight harder now as I’m sure our opponents (the enemy, as Obama likes to call us) will not suffer apathy and refuse to go to the polls after this fight.   I am still not convinced they will “allow” us to have a vote in November as now they are really running scared and some of them, including “fearless leader” now actually believe they can be beaten.  I’m afraid the worldwide consequences of the European debt crisis will envelope us here at home to the point where it will give those in power the “excuse” they need to declare martial law.


This is not just a matter of one or two policy issues that might excite individuals but is perhaps the most “pivotal” election in modern times and will determine whether this republic survives as we have come to love it at all.  Whether our children and grandchildren will even know what the “American Dream” was all about.    Perhaps eventually some of recent college graduates will come to realize when they are out there looking for non-existent jobs, that when Obama talks about sharing the wealth….he’s talking about taking it from THEM!  FROM YOU!!!


All you ex-hippies of the 60s, you know who you are, the rebels with flowers who threw this nation into chaos during Vietnam….now is your time, you were “pre-mature” then….NOW…NOW is the time you should be out there in your tie-died shirts and protest songs.  Clean the cobwebs off that old guitar old “fogies”!!   Start protesting the most oppressive government this hemisphere has seen since Santa-Ana.   Let this time, this Day be our current Alamo!


We must learn and continue to fight just as they do for what we believe and those that don’t have the stomach for this fight will owe us when we emerge victorious in November.  Perhaps then we will have a NEW “BEST” Generation.