Quit picking on Ted Nugent Federal "bullies"!!

Back OFF of Ted Nugent Fed Bullies!!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent

It is really hard to believe that with all the scandal involving the Secret Service that they actually have the gaul to waste their time harassing a real American hero like Ted Nugent.    My guess is they thought they needed some decent headlines and it backfired on them.  Perhaps Ted’s “Kill it and Grill it” cookbook made the new White House Enemies List just because of the title of the book.   My only complaint about the book which I proudly own is that it ignores other wild game in favor of 80% recipes for wild boar even though I believe in Emerils’ and Teds’ policy that “pork fat rules”.   Maybe, just maybe,  the brave “palace guard” who  would take a bullet for Obama,  misconstrued the title as a veiled reference to their boss,  who in some circles might be considered a “wild bore” (yep I know I changed the spelling for those of you who can’t take hints or joke).    Or just maybe they were ordered to challenge the rock star and hunting legend because there weren’t any recipes for wild dog that the White House chef could prepare.  They wouldn’t dare try to intimidate Streisand, Glover, Sheen or Alec Baldwin for calling a republican president names…..come to think of it…..in fact all these people DID call Bush many worse names than “criminal” and never received a “visit” by the Secret Service.


I am not afraid in the least at calling Obama and his cronies all criminals because I think they are.   At this point in my life, suffering from pain every minute of every day and suffering from heart problems to boot, I write and I write as I have since 1967 for the sake of my grandchildren and children and hopefully someday my great grandchildren and for this country I’ve served and loved.    I’ve said before we need a “U turn” not just a “right turn” to get us out this mess.  I loved what Mitt Romney said the other day when he was referring to the left always talking about going “forward”……..he responded:  “forward to what? Over the cliff?”.


Enough joking though,  as I think it is absolutely amazing that with our Justice Department falling apart and becoming thoroughly political under the hoodlum Eric Holder, with its lack of action 1) against vigilante bounties issued by the black panthers recently (not a word about the bounty against Zimmerman issued by the New Black Panther party;  2) failure to uphold voter rights laws against intimidation in Philadelphia also by the New Black Panther party; and 3) running guns illegally to Mexican cartels which eventually killed an American Law Enforcement Officer; as well as,  4) wasting our taxpayer dollars (all borrowed from China) to sue various States who are just trying to enforce laws already on the books and eliminate voter fraud and illegal immigration.  Let’s also try and wrap our heads around why the Justice Department allows inflammatory language and “name calling” by no less than our intrepid and “earthy” Vice President, Mr. Biden when he joined that thug Jimmy Hoffa  Jr. in mob gatherings of Marxist labor leaders calling on fellow Americans to “take those son of #[email protected]%# down” (referring to us conservatives of course).    I guess its okay to convey threats and encourage civil disobedience (backed the occupy movement totally)  under the law while Eric Holder is in charge as long as it isn’t those nasty conservatives doing the name calling.


I for one agree with Ted calling Obama (I will NOT call him President) a criminal.  For a few good reasons:

–           He has managed to promote Chicago as well as union thug and violent politics to the national level and surround himself with advisors who in the past have actually advocated violent overthrow of the US Gov. so why would we expect him or his “posse” to honor the oath of office they all took to “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic”?

–          He advocates violent protest by the occupy movement and by Labor Unions and his website even served as a clearinghouse for those who needed transportation to the site of a violent protest just as we saw in Wisconsin.

–          If Sheriff Arpio and his lead investigator Mike Zullo, are to be believed, he deliberately forged documents and provided false information on federal applications (10,000 fine and criminal charges last I heard).  Guess that would make him a criminal.

–          Has violated his oath of office to defend and protect the constitution.   (Swearing a false court oath is also a criminal offense).

–          Has used intimidation, threats of violence (Chicago style!) in past campaigns, specifically during his Senatorial campaign.

–          Has advocated violence and subversion  by unions, acorn and others especially the SEIU to carry out his agenda and to help form mobs when he needed a mob.


Hold on now, isn’t the Secret Service NOT part of the Justice Department?  You are right, it is in fact part of the Treasury Department which includes the IRS agents as well.    We are already familiar with the fine reputation the IRS agents have for defending common folk now don’t we?   Sounds very much like Obama is attempting to expand his personal “palace guard” to enforce his enemies list and as one whistleblower Doug Hagman a private investigator close to Department of Homeland Security and find backing for his Martial Law preparation order of March 23rd of this year (how timely and convenient does that get?).


Now in my years of working in the Pentagon and elsewhere in DC, I have had nothing but respect for many members of our federal law enforcement agencies and in fact had a very good friend who was at one time one of those much maligned and hated IRS agents.  Turned out this person was a very good, honest and nice person to know.   I’ve had friends in NIS, FBI and even one or two Secret Service agents when I was teaching intelligence special subjects on the West Coast to 350 students.   Just like Union folks, many of them are nice decent church-going individuals who would give you the shirt off your back if you need it.   I just believe that their leadership even perhaps down to middle management leadership has really suffered under Obama.   I know many union members who are conservative and don’t like not having a say in where their union dues go, once again…..blame their leadership who are totally out and out Marxists or Communists not just socialists.  I am disillusioned that the Secret Service who I used to think were the “greatest” and “bravest” as a young man, would stoop to picking on someone like Ted Nugent for name calling using Intimidation tactics.


I have serious doubts as I’m sure the administration does on whether the military would back Obama if he declared a national emergency and martial law by executive order and cancelled elections (would probably use the wording “postponed”, just like Chavez in Venezuela).  It would make sense then,  that he would depend totally on Unions and perhaps some  government law enforcement whose managers are loyal to him and I’ve already labeled them as his “palace guard”.  I doubt most of these loyal Americans would forego their primary responsibility to the constitution and the oath they swore to protect Obama first.  That HAS to be going through insiders minds  within the Obama Administration and within Obamas mind also, just as it probably went through King George III mind about his own palace guard and we all know how quickly King Louis of Frances’ palace guard turned on him don’t we?  Is it any wonder that maybe he might be thinking that one of these loyal men or women in the middle of national rioting and unrest and HOPELESSNESS  just might decide to “duck” instead of “taking the bullet”?


Many have predicted another “civil war” due to a total collapse of our economy except it will involve many,  many “splinter” groups or small organizations.  It won’t be North versus South nor Union versus Confederates and I don’t think the “states” will be involved officially, but everyday common citizens who find themselves in hopeless positions.   Hopelessness is a very strong emotion and causes many to commit suicide.  When you take everything away from someone they can still survive IF they have HOPE but you take that away and suddenly people have nothing to lose.  Obama has succeeded in not only ensuring that he can take the “crown” of being the worst President from Jimmy Carter, but also of presiding over the complete destruction of HOPE within this country we love.    Now those are very significant “achievements” don’t you think?


I do sincerely hope and pray that the Secret Service takes its duty very seriously  and I WANT Obama to finish his term (just don’t want him to have another term, unless it’s a prison term).   The reason?  At least a rational person can predict and understand where a radical who is at least smart and intelligent (though completely misguided)  comes from and how to manage that individual.  Can you imagine if an actual moron like Biden ever got his hands on the nuclear football?    So I pray and plead again to the good men and women of the Secret Service,  make sure you see your duty done at least through November 2012.  Don’t Duck!!


When you see more “urban training” military exercises in the future and read about the Militarization of our police forces and the absurd amount of ammunition bought by DHS (not training rounds either) for all our law enforcement agencies…. start to see the truth and by all means “get alarmed” and get wise.  There are concerns in DHS and Contingency Orders have been drafted and planned  for what they are calling a possible uprising or at least widespread very violent riots by armed Americans and according to other authors and investigator Doug Hagman this will stem from a complete collapse of the US Dollar soon.


Laugh at the old retired intelligence expert now, but what we are seeing right here in our own country has been repeated many times in other countries in the past.  We are not immune.


God save us all as I believe it’s almost to the point where ONLY God can save us from going over the cliff as a nation.   If we ever needed that saying on our coins “In God We Trust”,  now is that time.