Cut the BS….B.O.

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


This IS NOT one of my “tamer” pieces so cover your tender ears, libs, progressives and yes…Marxists and fellow travelers.


Yes, I know this sounds a little disrespectful….but in my defense I’ve said many times a person must first “earn” my respect….and I don’t…. and in fact think the incumbent in the White House has actually disrespected the office of the presidency himself so I refuse to call him “my president”.  Earn my respect!!!!.


B. O. (Barack Obama) is treating us all like children without any common sense even a pet would be born with.  All this garbage of taking credit for everything possible he can think of because he has absolutely no record he can bring up.  He has NOT united us and in fact is doing his best to get us all at each others throats just to distract us from what he is really up to.   Don’t be fooled nor drink that poisoned “kool-aid”.


Even the things he takes false credit for are absolute lies:

–           HE didn’t “get” Bin Laden Seal Team Six did and they are obviously upset at his brazen politicizing of their success.   They operate in “secret” for a reason.

–          HE can’t even take credit for the “brave decision” since he kept telling Leon Paneta and Hillary that he’d “sleep on it” for seven months before they got him alone away from Valerie Jared and tricked him into making the decision by telling him the Helo’s were airborne and almost at the point of no return (can’t turn around anymore).

–          HE can’t take credit for half a pipeline that he absolutely can’t stand nor approve.

–          HE can’t take credit for any promises that he has broken such as cutting the deficit in half, nor elimination of earmarks….he uses more of these as a “crony capitalist” than congressmen.

–          HE can’t take credit for any success in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s turning into a Mess as we speak.

–          HE can’t take credit for the worlds oceans falling ¼ inch over the past three years (as he predicted), although he doesn’t understand that this means, ice is FORMING SOMEWHERE!

–          HE CAN take credit for fomenting class warfare and turning Americans against Americans so that he can accomplish the “dictatorship of the Proletariat”.

–          HE CAN take credit for almost completely destroying the American Middle Class and small businessmen/women who do 75% of the private sector hiring.  Especially destroying the most fragile middle class-the previously growing black middle class which has been decimated by his policies.

–          HE CAN take credit for lowering his Golf handicap at our expense and living a lavish almost “royal” lifestyle, while his countrymen are going further into debt and some are starving.

–          HE CAN take credit for encouraging the anarchist Occupy Movement (along with his cronies, Reed and Pelosi) who are now under investigation throughout the country for conspiring to violently overthrow the US Government.

–          HE CAN take credit for doubling in a mere three years our national debt and having our credit rating shot on the international scene.

–          HE CAN take credit for starting his so called war on women and his own war on religion on behalf of the progressives mainly through his horrible Health Care Plan which will soon be his downfall.

–          HE CAN take credit for appointing probably the worse attorney general in our history who refuses to prosecute the Black Panther Party responsible for voter intimidation and supporting their call for the “execution” of the Hispanic Zimmerman that the Black Panthers brazenly put a “kill on site” bounty  (what? He’s not really White?  Oh my, we already reported that he WAS… what do we do now?).  Where was our Attorney General to promote the rule of LAW?  How proud did he make us when he marched with the Black Panther party during an annual memorial of the original Selma march.

–          HE CAN take credit for promoting Marxist/socialist policies (he admitted this much in his own book) and almost destroying capitalism as we know it.

–          HE CAN take credit for having three years of the highest unemployment which is the longest unemployment at a high level in our nations history.

–          HE CAN take credit for the death of a border Patrol Agent through his disastrous “fast and furious” program.

–          HE CAN take credit for being the first administration since reconstruction to sue more than one state (using our taxpayer dollars) just because they wanted to enforce national laws and he said it was “his job”.

–          HE CAN take credit for CHANGE we CANNOT believe in.  Attempting to change every aspect of a great county.

–          HE CAN take credit for bowing before other foreign leaders and sacrificing our sovereignty to the US and basically disgracing us in front of the world.

–          HE CAN take credit for wasting our taxpayer dollars on “crony capitalism” by DONATING our borrowed money to various companies that were already going out of business but who’s owners had contributed to his campaign.

–          HE CAN take credit according to an Arizona Sheriff’s investigation and a Georgia investigation for providing FORGED documentation of his own identity.  HE CAN also take credit for having his Chicago thugs threaten not just Bill and Hillary but anyone else who threatened to OUT him for these forgeries.

–          HE CAN take credit for bringing Chicago thug politics into the national arena by calling for violence against his enemies and consorting with terrorists and Marxist friends and appointing some to powerful positions within his administration.   This can be seen in his continuing threats against all who oppose him with smear tactics.

–          HE CAN take credit for eating “dog”…..but WHO CARES?  I am one of many former servicemen who served overseas that probably ate dog and monkey without knowing it, I’ll admit, it tasted good at the time…

–          HE CAN take credit for destroying the finances, hopes and dreams of most American familes.


As a result he CANNOT run on a record of failure and must resort to Chicago thuggery, violent threats, smears and class warfare (also warfare between sexes).  No…..He DID NOT train with the Seals so he could face his enemy (OBL) eye to eye…..


Bottom line IS:  IS THIS THE CHANGE YOU “BELIEVED IN”?  ARE YOU BETTER OFF?   If this is the life you want your children and grandchildren and to experience and you drank the poisoned “Kool-aid”,  go ahead and vote for this FRAUD and see if the United States you loved and grew up in is even recognizable anymore.  It will be this country’s demise.


Vote…..your vote counts and your country and fellow citizens, children and grandchildren really need YOU to STEP UP.