What now Tea party? And Republicans?

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


This week I’m going to seem a little “tame” for some people’s tastes.  But enough ranting and raving about His Highness Barack Hussein Obama and his lack of leadership.   I know that behavior traits and especially leadership was my doctoral major and he just gives me soooo much material to work with, I could write volumes.   But our real task at hand now is to circle the wagons and shoot as many of those circling barbarians as possible (that is LITERAL EXPRESSION gang….so back off!)


I know for most of us conservatives and especially tea-party members we didn’t get all we wanted.  None of you are probably as conservative as I am who has worked as a teenager for the Goldwater campaign and later for Ronald Reagan.  Quite frankly the same fight in the Republican Party went on back then still between the liberal Rockefeller Republicans and the more conservative candidates and we usually before and after Reagan wound up with the “moderate” and didn’t fair that well.  Those individuals include Nixon and both Bushs and I like both Bushs but let’s face it they were NOT conservatives and most old timers remember that Nixon was put in only because…….ready for the drum roll?…….yep you guessed it, because he could “beat the opponent”.   Funny how those phrases come back to haunt us doesn’t it? And of course we were told even when Reagan eventually won that a real conservative would never WIN.   The real blessing this time is Romney’s time as a Massachusetts governor confirms he’ll do as the majority of the voters tell him to do, just not with “flair” or “pizazzz”.  Oh well we can’t have everything now can we?  I’m all for all the candidates except Chris Christie (don’t know why that woman pundit loves him so much…..doesn’t make sense, she’s conservative and he ISN’T, they just like his “STYLE”, not policies…..he didn’t fool me at all during his campaign speeches).


Everyone says the tea-party is gone….as a devout member let me tell you it couldn’t be further from the truth.  They are actually concentrating on local grass-roots races and important state senator and congressional races including trying to give the “bums rush” to a lot of wishy-washy professional republican politicians and trying to get a larger tea-party caucus.


Now I know everyone is giving all their attention to the second spot on the ticket….good, and that’s important, but what is really important is that once our ticket is in, we have a monstrous problem with a liberal beauracracy especially at Energy, EPA, IRS (the police arm of Obama), State and of course that useless HUD.   These bloated agencies are filled with individuals from the grade of let’s say GS-15 and above whose only job is to think up costly regulations.   It is estimated that under Obama 4,000 regulations costing the American tax-payer billions are introduced each and every year.    We need to have our new President use “political appointments” rather than the civil service system with oversight by congress to appoint ALL NEW middle to upper managers (including SES-Senior Executive Service) within these problem agencies.  That is the ONLY way to stop this ship of state from hitting an iceberg like the Titanic did.


We ALL knew going into this that we needed to make a complete “U” turn, not just a right hand turn to save our country and now we have to aggressively act on that and make it happen or else we’ll continue down the same crooked country mile we’ve been on.


Let your congressmen know…….congressional committees…..and Presidential ticket…..clean bureaucratic sweep in at least five major agencies or even close those agencies down (they aren’t needed!!! And are breeding grounds for abuse and corruption).     WE DON’T JUST NEED A COURSE ADJUSTMENT WE NEED THIS SHIP OF STATE TO ‘COME-ABOUT’ (U-TURN for you non-nautical types).  Write your congressmen and if they don’t listen look up your local tea-party organization and let them know you are being ignored.  They still pack a wallop.


This years creedo?……..U-TURN DEMANDED by Taxpayers.  Make it happen, you CAN make a difference