Divide and Conquer...the NEW USSR

Divide and Conquer….the “NEW” USSR
Jim Gschwind, PHD
“The Despondent Correspondent”

Now you are asking yourself immediately; “what does he mean by the NEW USSR”?   It stands for the “United States Socialist Republic”.   That’s where we are heading unfortunately and it has all the earmarks of a non-violent (at least for now) Marxist coup d’état right here at home.   We don’t notice it as much because for the past 3 years we have become more and more “exposed” or “conditioned” to the prospect of unlimited “martial Law” (Obama just gave himself those powers 23 March with Executive order- where is congress or the supreme court on this?).  This is rather like the business example of the “boiled frog syndrome” where the frog in the pot of water does not notice the water beginning to boil until it is too late and experiments have shown that the frog will stay there comfortable in the heat not knowing it will lead to someone else’s meal.

Barack Hussein Obama (I WILL NOT, call him Mr. President….to me a person MUST EARN respect and he has totally voided any respect I originally had for the office when I worked in DC for Reagan).  Anyway Obama has consistently done what HE SAID HE WOULD DO!!   This IS what you voted for.  He has said that he would drastically change the United States (in his own image as well as the image of most progressives….i.e. translation….. “anti-capitalistic Marxists” or “national socialists” such as seen in Europe and tried before under Hitler and Mussolini.   Now you are saying I’m positively mad, mad, and a conspiracy theorist etc. when the facts are right in front of us and the administration NEVER hid their agenda and have espoused the new Marxist theory being taught by staunch union teachers even at the sixth grade level in our schools today (see story on teacher in Alexandria school that was being used as a republican primary polling station).

Stories in the news even those NOT buried by the loyalist socialistic press are everywhere proving that what the progressives and specifically the Obama administration said they would do is being accomplished.   Can you possibly believe that when the Soviet Union and Eastern European communism fell that those who advocated world communist movement (anti-capitalist movement) just faded away like good soldiers?  NO….Just ask the man who actually founded Greenpeace and left because they took over his movement and organization.   Just ask some union members who don’t appreciate their dues going to causes they don’t support but their leaders do.   Just ask progressive members of congress who when asked if something is constitutional….replay….”you can’t be serious are you?”  Just ask conservative members of congress who have been blamed unfairly and vilified.  Just ask members of the Supreme Court who have been attacked by this “ruler” as being “useless” and not needed.   Are we being “prepared for martial law”?  The illegal President just signed an executive order 23 March which gives him complete authority over everything any American does in case of “National Emergency” even confiscating your food…!!!   WHO GETS TO DECIDE what a NATIONAL EMERGENCY IS?   Who has complete control over the press?  Who has been trying to get gun legislation rammed through congress opposing the Second Amendment?  Who has attacked freedom “OF” (not “FROM”) religion by demanding religious hospitals do what he “mandates” (commands)?  Who has done his best to destroy a vibrant middle class in order that he can achieve class warfare between the bottom poor and the top 1%?

They said that we should be paying as much as $9 a gallon as they do in Europe for gasoline and they are well on their way to make it so.   They said they would be “ready to rule on day one” (Valerie Jared –Jan 2009).   They have never believed in American greatness and how special our citizens were and how this country has done more good for the world in general in the past 100 years than any other culture, but instead have set about attempting to convince us that we are and have been a great force of “evil” and have bowed and apologized to every world leader.  Our “ruler” refuses to salute and will not show respect during the National Anthem true to his mentor the terrorist, Bill Ayers teachings.  Our ruler NEVER grew up knowing the “American experience” as what he experienced in Hawaii and Indonesia never came close to the “American experience” or even the “black American experience”.  He has never had to struggle, it was all given to him and doors magically opened as the “second coming”.

He practices what Sol Salinski preached…….pick a target and “personalize it” and “demean it”.  So far he has never acknowledged ANY fault in our present economic nor cultural downfall as a great nation and has placed the blame even 3 years into his administration on previous administrations; ATMs; Tsunami’s; earthquakes and in fact blamed things on God his/herself never on the fact that he continues as he accused others of practicing the “same, policies, over and over expecting a different result”.  This can be seen in the fact that Secretary Chu and himself CONTINUE to invest our hard earned money in failing green company after another only because they contributed to his campaign.   He has vilified every institution that contributed to this countries greatness, one at a time:  The List is:  Republicans all are hateful and want dirty water and air despite the fact our air and water over the past administrations has been the cleanest in decades….under republican management, also:  Those nasty coal and oil industry companies which he said he would bankrupt and he’s doing a good job at that..  He has DESTROYED small business which is the mainstay of the vibrant middle class, and it should be noted that the Black middle class suffered more than any other groups; he has attacked the upper 1% rich who pay 40% of the taxes for this “welfare society”; He has attacked congress (both houses) and of course most recently the Supreme Court.  He recently attacked the Catholic church on something that affects all churches only because he knew American Catholics “secretly” did not abide by the Pope’s edicts on contraception and local clergy in the US knew that up to 75% of that group did not follow this dogma and he figured that would be an “easy” way to “push the religious freedom” amendment.    Oh,,yes, he has actually attacked as Wilson did, the very constitution he and his administration took oaths to defend.  It “gets in his way” don’t you know.   Of course we have NO energy policy except to DESTROY it wherever it rears its ugly head.  Drilling on public lands under Obama has decreased 42% and he still takes credit for “half” a pipeline and refuses to approve one in Nebraska even though that state already has 75 pipelines within its borders.  When asked about specifics of ANYTHING we are given LIE after LIE after LIE based upon the premise that if you repeat a lie enough times you can get most people to believe it……and perhaps yourself also.  Unelected government bureaucrats are hired to write 4,000 new regulations a year at a cost of billions to you and me…..these are regulations written without authority of congress that entail “paying penalties” which is the same as “taxation”.

I also took an oath four times in my life to “support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC” and I know for a fact there are many out there ready to man barricades to preserve our way of life.   That is why Obama is trying to do this peacefully and quietly while the “frog is boiling” unknowingly.  Meanwhile Obama, Secretary Chu, and Attorney General Holder should ALL be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors” and for not following their own oaths of office.  I call on congress to empower special prosecutors to investigate Secretary Chu and the EPA on their reckless so called “investments” in failing company after failing company (we had a new one last week, was supposed to build “charging stations” across nation…for over 100 million taxpayer dollars).   Also a special prosecutor should be assigned for “Fast and Furious” and Attorney General Holder.

What about you good American’s?….Do you want to live in the NEW USSR?  Remember the old saying “if you don’t STAND for something….you’ll FALL for anything” (Believe it or not…Malcolm X)?  I for one chose to jump out of that pot of boiling water before it’s too late.  If I wasn’t on “their list” by now….probably won’t be able to fly anywhere anytime soon….”do yah” think?