Reply to Global Warming Crazies.....Another Scientist responds

Reply to Global Warming Crazies…..

Jim Gschwind, PHD

The Despondent Correspondent

I’m sick and tired of this, as a scientist I continually say “we are a carbon based species on a carbon based planet and we NEED it to survive”. CO2 is needed in soil to start plant growth. The dinosaurs flourished with 15% CO2 in atmosphere and so did the plants they ate. Dead biological beings in the soil BECOME coal and oil and tar for our future use. We HAVE enough to be energy self-sufficient. Every planet in the solar system has warmed up…and there are no humans on those planets…..scientists continue testing around Greenland for ice loss when the North Pole has moved 40 miles closer to Moscow in the Artic, which means Greenland is 40 miles closer to equator!!!! This is evidenced by the fact that Nome Alaska was recently “rescued” by ice-breakers and gas tankers to break the ice blockade that is the worse they’ve seen in years.  Could it be all these so called “scientists” are measuring ice in the wrong part of the world?   One should also know that they conducted a study of all the temperature and weather stations across the US recently and found that 90% were misplaced.  By misplaced I mean they were installed on hot tar covered roofs most of the time right next to a central air exhaust vent……now that takes real genius!!!


The EPA even admitted recently that they “made it up” regarding the special lizard in west Texas and further admitted because they didn’t have any other good reason to disapprove of the proposed drilling permit.   Drilling is down 40% on “federal” or “public” lands due to Obama and he has the NERVE to take credit for half a pipeline he disapproved and the part he had absolutely no business approving. All the producing wells right now including the massive Gulf of Mexico “Wild Horse” rig  that have increased oil production were approved under Bush not Obama.   And why disapprove of a pipeline in an area that already has 75 other pipelines.  Yes, there are 75 pipelines already in Nebraska.  Are Americans that stupid (I don’t think so) that they don’t remember Energy Secretary Chu and Obama himself claim that we must pay the same if not more for gas as the Europeans are paying (i.e. up to 10 dollars a gallon).


Cap and trade legislation failed but true to his word, Obama has used Executive order (translate, dictatorial edicts) to raise the fees (taxes) on new coal fired plants even with new clean technology to the point where they would go bankrupt trying to open.   It obviously does not matter that the congress disapproved of his methods but they continue to let him “get away with it” because it’s just a big game to all of them, even though it hurts us in the trenches.


He says there is NOTHING HE CAN DO.  This is also a lie.  He can use those same dictator tactics to grant a “tax” holiday on our gas which would do more than releasing oil reserves.  Few know how much in one gallon of gasoline is actually tax or profit.  Gas stations are lucky to make 2 or 3 cents off every gallon while Federal, state, county and sometimes city taxes compose almost 50% of your price per gallon of oil.  THAT is how we can “instantly” see a reduction in cost of gasoline….a tax holiday.  A brilliant study was also conducted that showed that with 27 :”boutique” gasoline blends being produced in our limited (very limited) refining system we can also save on the cost of gasoline if we didn’t have to make “special blends” for LA, Milwaukee, Chicago, NY, Washington and Miami.   Get back to the “original” three blends, low test, mid-grade and high test.   But look again do we really need that “mid-grade”, what performance are you going to really see from 87 to 89 octane?


Also, get Senators Grassley and Nelson allow us to get rid of the Ethanol subsidy.   Corn ethanol has been proven and even Gore admitted to be more harmful to the atmosphere than any other greenhouse gas and destroys care engines.  We need corn to lower the cost of our food, such as beef that use corn for feed and are going out of business quickly.  We need it to save our livestock industry.  Also emerging countries for the most part depend on corn as a food staple more than we do, so we are inadvertently starving third world emerging people.


I have had enough of the administrations Lies and misdirection.  No wonder these money hungry crooked so called Green Scientists don’t want nor solicit “peer review” and that a number of great Nobel Prize winning scientists have resigned positions because of the sick misguided theories of the “environmental nuts”.  Well I’m an “environmental nut” in my own right and want us to be good stewards of our environment, but I want it done right and smartly not haphazard and only concerned for more funding for fake research.  The only prophecy that came true from Obama’s lips is that the worlds oceans would recede and they have dropped by ¼ inch in last couple years (yes that means new ice is being made SOMEWHERE).


I’ve written on this subject and the associated lies until I’m “blue in the fingers” to no avail and sometimes I feel like it is useless and that these global warming “nutz” and the EPA are complete Morons unable to discern fact from fiction.  It’s enough to drive the pope to atheism….