My nice Lib neighbor

My Nice Liberal Neighbor…Send us more!!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent


Yep, even down here in ultra-conservative country we have our “token” libs.    They make nice conversation pieces down her ya’ll in the south and are basically harmless.  In fact they kind of stay to themselves a bit and I have found that many bar patrons down here in the south aren’t as tolerant as their kind hearted ultra-conservative neighbor is.   He did complain someone took offense of his Obama defense in a local sports pub.  They never, never learn do they?  I told him we are nice folks and he has no cause to worry, but I think he secretly thinks that some hillbilly conservatives might drag him out of his house one night……that will NEVER happen but it’s fun to have him think so.  I’ve convinced him as far as many conservatives in the south go….I’m the rather “mild” brand and that kind of shook him up even more.  Having a resident “pet” liberal is kind of relaxing and can keep you amused on hot spring and summer days.  I think every conservative should have at least “one”.


I almost laughed the other day when out in our front yards he began bragging that he had a new job…….oh yeah?   Where might that be, I asked.    “Well with General Electric”.  He proudly exclaimed.   I said “it’s about time that crook Jeffrey Immelt used his position as “job Czar” for Obama to actually create a job instead of sending them all to China…!!!”   He therefore responded that he was voting for Obama because “I am in a better position than I was four years ago when Bush was wasting all that money on wars…!!!!”    I immediately countered that I was pleased as punch that the job he received cost the rest of us including himself trillions in debt.  Smiled and walked away.  By the way, when I called him a “northerner” he was from “northern” Vegas…….no wonder he sounded just like “Dirty Harry Reid”.


Now hard core liberals like him know they are not going to change the mind of an old Goldwater campaigner like myself (teenage years, I’m not THAT OLD).  I’m also aware that you and I are never going to change the vote of the liberal Marxist hard core individual like him.


Here is a good thing though.  At least living down here in hard core conservative country….his vote is outnumbered by approximately 2 or 3 to 1.  Just think how many of those idiots we can “absorb” into our voter roles here where their liberal votes are absolutely meaningless due to the large conservative percentage!!!    Think of the service we can really do for OUR candidate and OUR Nation by encouraging a few more of these folks to come down here and vote where one or two liberal votes really don’t count for much?  Meanwhile we are taking them from communities up north or elsewhere on the left coast where the races might be “tighter” and one or two liberal votes might actually swing an election?  We’d be helping a conservative somewhere else get the one or two vote edge to win!!!!


With that in mind……..heck why not……send a few more of them down here, we can handle ‘em as long as we can still outvote ‘em!!!    Just like an injured wildlife sanctuary we can even start an “adopt a lib” program and “rehabilitate” those that we can.   What a “grand” winning strategy

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