The Bully Pulpit is overpowering......Religion of the Left

What the “Bully Pulpit” Proves:  Yep, we ARE that Gullible

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent



I was seriously hoping that as American voters we really weren’t as Gullible as the administration thinks we are by using repetitious lies to convince us of things we intrinsically know to be untruths.


Examples of this abound especially in the so called energy debate that republicans with all the facts on their side should be handily controlling and have mastered by now.


Either our republican/conservative spokesmen are so inept at presenting the truth the American Voter or the strength of the “bully pulpit” Obama and his minions has access to is greater than many of us previously though.


Notice I will not address him as President…..I’m made myself clear on this before….He isn’t mine.  I will NOT have a president who is not a president of all the people and only out for himself and his own agenda no matter how much it harms the country and constitution I previously swore to protect.


The answer is undoubtedly now “YES”….the “bully Pulpit” is mightier no matter who wields it than the truth and facts.    Obama can use this forum for constantly bombarding the American voting public with continual lies until even he believes them since they become so ingrained in everyday thought.


What are those lies?  What is the “energy religion” of the extreme left/Marxists?   Here are some examples:

–          COMMANDMANT #1:   The public will accept alternate forms of energy if we push it on them enough, no matter how many companies we have to back financially with public funds only to see them fail miserably.   And we will only invest in those alternate energy companies that have provided monies for our election or re-election.  We MUST “condition” the public to accept these methods for their own good.  We must take over General Motors and produce an automobile that will be loved by all and sell like hotcakes since we know more about business as Marxists than real capitalists.

–          COMMANDMANT#2:  “Oil and natural gas” (the fuel of Capitalism) is evil and the only way to get Americans to accept something else is to have them pay as much as Europeans do (i.e. $5 a gallon per the Energy Secretary).  Natural gas is as bad as oil, despite the fact that we have the largest natural gas reserves in the world and those busses in Washington DC all run on natural gas with no problems and it is the most abundant and “clean” fuel we possess.  We must FORCE them to buy our designed General Motors car.

–          COMMANDMANT#3:  Yes we know we need more coal fed electric generating plants on the overworked electrical grid to charge millions of electric autos, but we will force them to use solar and wind because “Coal is evil and dirty” despite scientific advances and the fact that we have the largest coal reserves in the world.

–          COMMANDMANT#4:  Ethanol is “good” at least for Senators from Nebraska and Iowa (Nelson and Grassley) even though even Al Gore acknowledged recent scientific discoveries that indicated that ethanol was not only bad for car engines and inefficient but that ethanol emissions are worse for the atmosphere than carbons.  Of course we also don’t want Americans to know that we are “starving” people in emerging countries whose main food staple is corn.  We cannot also let them know how many cattle ranches are closing due to the cost of corn/feed and the lack of any other crops being grown to the favor of corn for vehicles.

–          COMMANDMANT #5:  Our own newly discovered vast reserves of natural gas and oil must not be used to make us energy self-sufficient (they can do that) and Canadian oil is bad for us…..we must buy oil from Brazil to help our poor neighbors to the south.  Fracking is bad and causes fire to come out of sink faucets and we cannot let the people know that the fire is caused by idiots drilling their water wells into gas pockets in Colorado.   We cannot let the public know we CAN be energy independent with oil and gas with recently discovered reserves and that Saudi oil is running out and they are actually drilling under other countries using high risk methods and losing 1 million barrels of production a year.  They cannot help us in the future, nor would they as they are NOT our friends….remember how many hijackers were Saudi?

–          COMMANDMANT #6:  We cannot let the public know that although we say that we are pumping more than ever before, it is “private” land wells and especially one huge well in the Gulf that is picking up the American oil pumping “slack”, all approved under Bush.  Whereas drilling on Public lands and leases has decreased 42% under Obama and his EPA and Energy Dept.

–          COMMANDMANT #7:  We cannot have a peaceful “Marxist” workers revolution politically as long as capitalism is allowed to survive.  We cannot have class envy as long as a large middle class stands between the “haves” and “have-nots”, so the middle class must be destroyed.  The black middle class especially must be destroyed so that they may learn their “lesson” and return to the progressive/democratic party (which was pro-slavery before and after civil war).  This is because it has been shown that as black middle class evolved since the 60s/70s many of the newer generation have become conservative.  Black conservatives are no longer an “oddity”, this must change.  They should all be good Democrats.

–          COMMANDMANT #8:  We cannot have a peaceful “Marxist” workers revolution that Obama subscribed to in college (read his own book people!) as long as religions are allowed to dictate morals to the public instead of the government.  Religions must tow the line or give up their non-profit status.

–          COMMANDMANT #9:  We cannot have a peaceful “Marxists” workers revolution that Obama subscribed to in college, as long as people are allowed by the constitution to bear arms to protect themselves from tyranny.  The Constitution is the enemy of good progressives everywhere.  Do not “Salute” the flag, as we were obnoxious colonialists who were NEVER a force for good despite what history shows, instead use the “crotch salute” by folding your hands in front of your trousers and bowing to foreign leaders.

–          COMMANDMANT #10:  We cannot let people know how Chicago politics really works and we must continually repeat lie after lie until the American voter really believes everything we say and distrusts any facts the opposition may have.  We will “smear” anyone who gets in our way with the mere “accusation” whether proven or not…we really don’t have to prove it!  Reality is WHAT WE MAKE IT.   We are not LEADERS, we said we were ready to RULE (Valerie Jared-2009) despite the fact Americans despise “rulers”.

–          COMMANDMANT #11:  We must continue to make American Blacks and minorities think Obama has grown up living the “black American Experience” even though most of his youth was in Hawaii right after the Statehood vote.  Most people don’t know that it barely passed as Hawaiians in late 50s and early 60s didn’t even want military to vote in their new state and whites were actually the “hated colonial minority” that had oppressed them and deposed their last queen.  Many high schools and private colleges back then in Hawaii didn’t allow whites to attend their schools and in fact wanted at least 15% Hawaiian blood lines in their students.  At least half the population was borderline anti-American and especially anti-colonialist.  That’s probably where Obama got his distrust of America besides his close family who were avowed Marxists.  When he says “he feels your pain” he never has felt that …….he didn’t grow up in the mainland like many others experiencing the same prejudices.  Obama is our true “messiah” and anybody who disagrees with him is a racist and basically “un-American”.

–          COMMANDMANT #12:  We cannot have a true progressive/Marxist silent political workers revolt unless we continue to own the press and the means to disseminate information.  We MUST allow the UN or ourselves (in the name of National Security) to control the internet.  The internet is a threat to us.


Now let us pray in the words our father gave us:  “Dear Secretary-General and his honor Barak Hussein Obama………forgive us our sins……..”