On Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fl)

On Congressman Jeff Miller

James Gschwind, PHD

The Despondent Correspondent

Regarding our local boy who “done good” (local Homeboy expression), going to Washington to represent us peons out here in the sticks.  Congressman Jeff Miller, Republican from Chumukla Florida who took thousands from local taxpayers to pave a road to his house isolated in the country.  Taxpayers who couldn’t get their own roads paved without paying for the process themselves wound up paying for a five mile section of highway in Santa Rosa County that ended at his residence with no other residences on that stretch of road.  This was while the local DOT could not afford lights in rural areas that would help local residents from being run down by tourists along US98 and US90 both of which are also vital hurricane evacuation routes but had to defer to “his” project first when funds were very limited a few years back.

This is the same congressman who sits chairs the House Veterans Affairs Committee who couldn’t possibly extend a helping hand to an Air Force veteran from Hurlburt AFB who lived in his district that had terminal pancreatic cancer when he got out and the VA declared him dead already.  This reporter had to use up what little influence he had to resolve the issue that the congressman couldn’t/wouldn’t waste his time with.

Same congressman who couldn’t get the VA to pursue a humanitarian transfer of a VA Central Office in DC employee back home to Florida when his wife was dying alone with only Hospice keeping him informed.  Thank God the individual did make it in time though but only due to contracting his own disabling illness.  Yes, I’m speaking of myself in third person.   I’m back home awaiting disability retirement from the VA which they didn’t like, but let them try and get me out of my home now.

Same congressman Miller who the local tea party cannot support (as of last meeting) as they believe him just to be another professional politician at the “public trough” in DC playing the same game others before him have.

Basically congressman, you are doing the same thing our own Joe Scarborough did when he was carried into office with the Gingrich republican revolution in the 90s, only to just become one of the “good ole boys” in the DC “social/political club”.  He made matters worse by going to MSNBC when he suddenly resigned.  He would not have gotten re-elected back then if he didn’t resign.

You may wonder what prompted this tirade against the “honorable” congressman Jeff Miller.

I guess it was the audacity at receiving a campaign letter and a petition request (yes the other petition was supposedly for my deceased wife….ironic isn’t it?) in the mail.  Requesting money from a poor military retired disabled individual who the congressman’s staff couldn’t be bothered with until it came time to raise campaign funds.  By the way I returned my comments to his staff’s request for campaign funds in the government “franked” envelope provided for pledges and money…sans any cash.

I would find it funny, but I’m not laughing.  Instead I find it pathetic and at the very least ironic…….Good luck congressman, don’t think your “homeboys” like you too much anymore back home. Contrary to popular belief we aren’t ignorant enough not to know the difference between being “represented” and being “ruled”.  We got rid of our last rulers couple hundred years ago.