IF THIS LATEST AFFRONT stands....What next?

IF THIS “LATEST” Constitutional Affront STANDS…..What next?

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent

 I’m going to make this perfectly clear.  I was quite upset that 51 senators today didn’t have enough respect for the constitution they swore to uphold and couldn’t see their way clear through all their lobbyists desires to make a stand to “reaffirm” religious freedom.  One of our most cherished “right” under the   constitution.  I “dedicate” this “rant” to those brave Senators who at least tried to save our freedoms as they swore to do.

I will stray for just a bit to clarify the argument.  While I am “pro-life” this is not just about Catholic contraception, it is a religious versus government meddling “issue” primarily.  Is everyone so wrapped  up in their own agendas that they are deaf and dumb to the purposeful destruction of our way of life, our “rights, and our chosen form of governance that they cannot see what is going on in so many ways in this administration under the Marxist progressives?  I’m DONE watching my language and “pulling punches” to be polite and respectful. Those in power now don’t deserve my politeness and certainly haven’t earned my respect 

I will make this totally clear….I am a man (last I noticed and a military vet) and if this was JUST about contraception I would keep my mouth shut as I believe unless a man can give birth he has no right to whine about abortion rights…I believe only a woman has the right to determine what happens to her own body, just as us men decide if we weren’t circumcised as babies whether or not that will happen to us as adults, although I’m sure the pain doesn’t compare to childbirth.  I still however was planning on attending the rally in Pensacola on the 24th that other churches (not just Catholics) will be staging as a “religious right” rally.  I will however have to “donate” money as I have to be In San Antonio to receive an academic award.   I think Obama and Valerie “stepped in it this time” and it’s not going away quickly.  Thank God… (opps sorry, if I was a military chaplain right now, I couldn’t even say that, crosses are no longer allowed on top of military chapels either).

Despite the “fact” that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian morality and principles and that the first book published by the congress was a bible, we ARE a Christian nation.  I will not “cater” nor kiss butt to the small minority or atheists who are out to erase god from even our coinage as an ex-military man from the Marines and Army Special Forces as well as Navy, I will attest that there are NO atheists in a foxhole.  In fact I’ve prayed to God, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Zeus and any deity I could think of in the midst of battle just to make sure all my bases were covered (just joking of course…..there is always a place for a “little” levity).

I’m also not stupid nor is my memory like Swiss cheese in my delicate “silver years” to forget the” sting” a few years back when individuals called a number of so called “planned parenthood” clinics to ask for mammograms and were told in no uncertain terms that they didn’t do those tests.  That is why Susan  Komen pulled their cancer/mammogram grant money from planned parenthood in the first place when they found out that these clinics did NOTHIIING for a woman’s health (did a few just to say they did, but very few).   I may be a man, but isn’t pregnancy a “natural” occurrence in human existence?  When did a woman’s health depend upon her not being pregnant, in fact recent studies have shown that childless woman actually run a higher risk of certain types of cancers, especially breast cancer.   Some people have tried to convince the gullible public that somehow pregnancy is an “illness”?   How did we ever survive all these generations without them?

Enough of this.   Everyone must be asleep or just don’t care.  Remember control of your life from cradle to grave; class warfare (that’s why there must be NO middle class…didn’t exist in Marx day, remember?);   economic crisis; gun control; control of press and suppression of religions (ALL religions) are all part of the menu for Marxist/socialist control in a “bloodless coup”.  It cannot come to pass with our present constitution and that’s why the left hates our constitution so much and call it “archaic” and that it “gets in the way of progress”….whose progress?   Theirs of course.

Obama himself admits his Marxist favoritism (forget Keynesian, try true blue Marxist) from childhood through college years and one of his associates in college remembers him as a real “revolutionary” and that he himself convinced the young Obama that it is better in this type of government to use “political means”.  Obama addressed a “progressive convention” two years ago and said that they must proceed cautiously even though as he said “the infrastructure for our agenda is in place”.  When asked/interviewed about the Obama-care bill, some congressmen (Dems) freely admitted that constitutionality was never considered when the bill was being written.  Some assume Obama and his congressional allies are doing this out of sheer ignorance but that they are “well meaning” well I’m done tip toeing around this subject.  They are SMART and know EXACTLY what they are doing.  Obama has done more harm and has caused more rules and regulations (notice they don’t call them laws as that’s congress’s job…..4,000 additional rules and regs a year  approx.) all being written by “unelected” individuals that are completely out of control.  Never has one president RULED through executive order as much as this one and ignored the constitution he swore to protect.  Never before has a president been ridiculed for his famous (hands crossed in front of pelvis) “crotch salute” (that’s what the GIs call it) and his disdain for the military and for his own country.  Even Wilson loved his country and though at least he was doing good even though he is probably one of the most notoriously anti-capitalistic progressive ever to hold the office.   Roosevelt was accused of excessive socialism but knew he had to stay within the constitution.  This individual we have now and I REFUSE to give him the honor of calling him “Mr. President” since he hasn’t earned it, has continually looked down on his own country and apologized it causing many of our former friends and allies to look upon us with more hatred than they secretly had before.   He refuses to come to grips with the fact that our enemy only respects Power and strength, NOT weakness.  Never before has an Administration such as this one openly identified with mobster thug tactics with complete disregard for public safety.  Never before has one administration placed so many lies at once in front of the public for consumption like so much prison gruel.  NEVER before has it been declared so UNAMERICAN to demand the resignation or impeachment of a President as “great” as this one (Pelosi and Reid quotes). All these quotes are being uttered in PUBLIC, are we that deaf and dumb that we cannot comprehend?

Never before has an administration come into office with such disregard and hatred of the American way.   Why haven’t more people wondered why this president is the only one whose chief aide (yep Valerie Jared who was supposed to get his old Senate seat) said as they prepared to enter the White House….;”We will be ready to RULE, from day one”.   People elected him to “lead” not “rule”.   We overthrew our “ruler” 1776-1781 and Washington declined that title and every president since has run on the phrase that he/she wants to “lead” the American people, not RULE.

 you see from the list above what is needed for the “bloodless coup”, how many of these things have they tried right under your nose before it is TOO LATE.   I asked the question before…..WHAT’S NEXT?  Well if this one man wrecking ball accidently because of the laziness and complacency of the American public has a second term……stand by for the ride of your life into total anarchy and destruction.  In fact I’ve stated before that they are desperately looking for an excuse to “cancel” or “postpone” elections and call “martial law” prior to November 2012 if it looks bleak for his re-election chances.  I am afraid that I can see such a reality happening.  It was suggested by the Carolina governor after all.

Once again….I BRAZENLY and unashamedly PRAY to God, not ALLAH, Zeus or anyone else that most of you are NOT asleep or that complacent that you would let this narcissist dictator to be get another chance.    Dictatorship of the proletariat…….that’s what’s next. 


Let us ALL PRAY!!!!