Afloat in a "sea of lies"

Afloat in a Sea of Lies?

Dr. Jim Gschwind, PHD

The “Despondent Correspondent


Yes, that’s right, as you probably feel during any election time all of us even those who believe we’ve “pierced the corporate veil” of ugly politics feel like we are surrounded by that common fertilizer often used to grow mushrooms and at other times, the political fray gets so hectic that one might believe we’ve actually consumed some of that notorious product. (or do I’ve been told….).  Actually I think the President is happy that the public is catching the republicans lying about each other because it distracts from his own deceit.

 His college friend and classmate mentions in an interview quite some time ago that when Barry arrived on campus he was quite the “ Marxist revolutionary” and he had to convince this Barry that in this country that wouldn’t work and he’d have to do it “politically” within the system.  Maybe that’s not the same “Barry”?  Maybe so.   I think he took his friends advice to heart and learned his lessons well.  Consider this, Marxists and revolutionaries know that in Marx time period there was practically no such thing as a middle class in England where he wrote his manifesto.  Therefore,  for such a socialist revolution to be possible, there cannot be a viable middle class to come between the struggle of the poor masses against the 1% wealthy, there cannot be class warfare among three classes, there can only be success if the proletariat fights against one class….i.e. the upper class (and what has he done for the Middle class?…nothing except harm that’s why he cannot differentiate middle class small business owners from the rich business owners, it is something he cannot comprehend).    Also for such a “political revolution” to be successful you must control the media just as the “violent revolutionaries” head straight for radio and TV stations in any coup attempt.  Has he done that?   All socialist/Marxist movements call for redistribution of wealth and state OWNERSHIP of the “means of production”,  but many such as the “national socialists” (NAZIS-i.e. CONTROL of “means of production”) believe they can get to this utopia first by first making everyone dependent upon them therefore “controlling the “means of production”.  Also the population must receive everything from the government and he and his progressive (code word for socialists) and their quest for “social justice” (buzzword for wealth redistribution).   Is this all too transparent.  Obama during this past year has abandoned all pretense of hiding his terms such as “social justice” and “class warfare (he and Pelosi and Reid praised the OWS movement).  Finally as we know from history, socialism and Marxism must depress any religious movements as they CANNOT have people depending upon their faith or God instead of the government.  The government in past extremely socialistic states has to BE the religion of the masses.  And finally, the citizens cannot be armed as that is dangerous to the government.    I’m sure I am not the first guy to see these pieces coming together as I’m an astute student of history.   That’s why in my earlier writings I was definitely fearful of martial law being imposed (I’ve heard this from other columnists also) prior to election.  You don’t think the verbal gaff by the Carolina governor suggesting that elections be suspended or delayed during our “crisis”.  You think that was an accidental slippage?…probably testing the waters.   I see us racing towards a cliff of financial and social ruin and that’s why I place such importance in this election year.

 It is times like this that I’m sometimes ashamed to be part of any political party at all as we can see from congress that our new 2010 freshmen haven’t totally lived up to their own campaign hype and have instead started becoming the same political creatures we just jerked out of office.  But why should we be surprised since this is the way it always goes.   Just as Presidents have been deceived in the past thinking they had a “conservative” supreme court appointment only to have them….turn once in, we are not immune from that fate when we send freshmen congressmen to Washington to “battle” for us common citizens.

 It’s during the heat of these political battles for President and in congressional budget battles that the lies fly through the air like flies at the dump.

 Cases in point are the subtle and not so subtle ways our glorious leader placed such an odiferous budget proposal to congress this month, knowing full well it would never get past a committee much less both houses of congress.  

–           We are led to believe it is the Republican Congress that has been the main impediment to budget passages and debt issues in the past when actually it starts and ends with Harry Reid and Harry Reid alone.  His refusal to even bring things to the floor in the past is testimony to his obstructionist attitude to even bad legislation from his own party leader, the President.  He would like us to believe and thinks we are all that ignorant that it takes over 60 votes to pass a budget when there is an active law passed by prior congresses that mandates that it should only take a “simple majority” (i.e. 51 votes)!   

–          In his “budget” Obama  insists on increasing the current 15% capital gains tax knowing full well that it will not harm the ones he calls the rich but rather the middle class “mom and pop” business owner who has to declare his/her corporate or business income on their own personal taxes first which is immediately double taxation up to 45% in some cases for many of the middle class.

–          He claims that he is “for” the middle class (but only if you are Union! Or a “government worker” who falls in that category), but he has been a one man wrecking ball on the middle class especially the black middle class and wonders why so many African Americans are bailing out on him after they see what he is doing to them and becoming “conservative”.   A black “conservative” is no longer considered a strange aberration, but are popping up all over the place as well as Hispanic conservatives such as Marco Rubio.   

–          He thinks everyone else is too ignorant to see what he is doing, but the American public is a little more sophisticated than he thinks……I pray.    Example is that he knows full well those who ARE working usually hold 401Ks or TSPs (govt. and mil) and that with retirement accounts counted up to 70% of working Americans are invested in the Stock Market in some manner or another.   Of course the market will “tank”.  Well he foresaw that if he increased corporate gains taxes on rich (and mostly the middle class) that these people are smart enough to put their money somewhere else…i.e.…..how about tax-free govt./municipal bonds?  Well unbeknownst to many,  hidden in that budget is a provision preventing investors from rolling their money into these tax shelters as well as penalties for investing overseas.   He is effectively preventing middle class individuals who are actively investing in their own retirements and forcing them to depend solely on the government (i.e. the broken social security system).

–          Obama tells folks brazenly he will continue to “invest” in failing alternative power companies and ignore any semblance of a reasonable/realistic energy policy by allowing drilling and refusing to allow more refineries to be built as well as the current pipeline crisis……with 75 other pipelines in Nebraska…..why  is everyone in this administration suddenly worried about “one more”?  Why not let China take advantage of our energy resources from our northern neighbor just as they are drilling in the Gulf.

–          He continues to brag about “getting OBL” when everyone in Washington quietly knows that he was “forced” into a decision after “sleeping on it” for two months when Hillary and Leon got him away from Valerie Jared (He doesn’t go to the restroom without her permission) long enough to tell him that the Helicopters were “enroute” and almost at the “point of no return” and that he “had” to make a decision.  Notice in the picture of him in front of the monitor watching the “action” like a deer in headlights after just being subjected to an “end run” by members of his administration?….Jared was nowhere to be seen?  Jared also was the main feminist advocate of his most recent gaff of attacking not only the Catholics but all Religious organizations by ignoring the first amendment.  His opposition to Jared cost Daly his job.  Daly sided with Paneta and Clinton in the OBL raid, so that might have something to do with it also.   Everyone (including the liberal media) in DC secretly knows Obama is Jareds puppet and where the real power lies (is that where they got the expression about behind every man is a great woman?).

–          He and his allies in the press want us to believe there is no inflation problem, when we see our food and gasoline rising alarmingly (Ohhh and the government doesn’t count those two items in it’s inflation figures…..why?)  Meanwhile they keep printing worthless money in order that other countries give up using the dollar for international commerce.

–          They also want us to believe unemployment is going down?   Why then don’t they count the individuals who have given up?   The true unemployment figure is closer to twice the current rate.

–          They and the unions want us to believe that it is wrong to allow states to become “right to work” states when Indiana just did it and suddenly landed three new factories in their state (According to Gov Mitch Daniels).

–          They want us to believe that all these new “give away” programs that they don’t call “stimulus” will save us money when they know full well that at least two government agencies have regulations that  do NOT allow them to consider any detrimental effects on the economy or population on any bill introduced.  Those two agencies are the EPA and the Congressional Office of Management and Budget who CANNOT consider any other courses of action other than people will financially continue to act the same way they always have no matter what the regulation is.  That is why they cannot get away from their mantra that they have to raise revenue NOT control spending and that no matter how much they raise taxes….people will willingly pay it like sheep rather than look for loopholes or alternative courses of action as they have proven they will do in the past.

–          He wants us to believe he is for Christian rights under the first amendment when he has brazenly told the world “we are no longer a Christian nation” and he forces religions to ignore their church teachings and their own religious morals.  Why has he backed the Muslim brotherhood in  the “Arab spring” revolutions in Egypt and Libya?  Yet he ignores the Iranian backed and brutal Syrian Assad regime butchering of it’s own people who have actually been begging and pleading us for help when he used “humanitarianism” as his excuse for those two adventures and yet when a true “humanitarian” need comes along he ignores the massacre and genocide occurring daily.  Why does he continue to rudely ignore the Israeli nation and its leader?

–          “fast and furious” has proven the administrations’ ulterior motives with regard to gun control….remember

–          The liberal media is trying to tell us the recession is over and Obama has won the day while many are still out of work and our economy in reality is growing at a pathetic  1.5%.

–          The liberal media and the white house now that they have entered the election year are suddenly showing “their” polls with increase in popularity towards the president…coincidence?  I think not, just too convenient.

–          The presidents’ own advisors have openly been quoted to say “Every crisis is an OPPORTUNITY” and I think that Obama and the progressive democrats need “crisis” to continue to hold onto power in order to distract voters.

–          He says we have won the war on Terror and especially in Afghanistan while things seem to worsen every time he says it’s improving.

–          Communities everywhere are up in arms concerning the liberal elite changing wording in our history books and in fact changing historical facts while denying our national anthem and prayer in schools.  

–          So much power is held by individuals in our government that can make rules and regulations without congressional approval, that it is almost impossible to stop them now.  New rules and regulations that have the power of “law” grow at the rate of 4,000 per year under this president.

–          Publicly the president acts as a solid “Commander in Chief” despite his public displays of disrespect during national anthem or as colors pass in parades when he shows his famous “crotch salute” (i.e. hands crossed in front of his groin).  Privately he has always had the progressive distain of the military as evidenced finally (he feels he doesn’t have to “hide” his true feelings any longer) by his very recent demand to Congressional Veterans Committee to cut benefits for disabled veterans by 10% and previously he had a plan “shot down” in 2009 to have disabled veterans pay for their own private insurance.  With a “Commander in Chief” like that we don’t need enemies abroad.

–          He and the progressives as well as their media allies have consistently attacked and subverted the same constitution they swore to protect in their oaths of office.  The only other President to feel this way about the constitution was Woodrow Wilson.

The bible was the “first” English reading texts used in early schools and also the very first book printed and published by the Library of Congress not The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  Yes we are a Christian Nation, but one that allows other religions to prosper and worship freely.  Yes we are a “free” country but like the story of the boiling frog that does  not know that the water is starting to boil the waters of freedom around us are also starting to boil and evaporate.

I think many intelligent people can obviously see the similarities to past movements in our current times.   To be truthful, I am afraid for our nation that I served for a career.   At the risk of sounding “politically incorrect” in this day and age…I PRAY that our citizens have the common sense to deny this future dictator another term in office.   I do not believe he is doing this damage out of naivety  but that he is a shrewd calculating individual who has a definite agenda and one that bodes ill for all of us.  Never before has one man destroyed so much in so little time.  May GOD help us…….We CANNOT let this stand.