Nightmare on Main Street

The “Green Economy” Continues to Collapse around Obama’s “Middle Class” OR “Nightmare on Main Street”

The Despondent Correspodent

Jim Gschwind, PHD



Almost Immediately after the presidents’ State of the Union address another Green corporation which had feed at the “federal pig trough” with a bailout or as Obama insists….”investment”, declared bankruptcy.  Who will be surprised if we find out later that they were pressured not to declare until after his speech?


Speaking of the Presidents’ State of the Union, who is this middle class that the president wholeheartedly supports?  Could it be the same class that he has consistently brought to it’s knees with his total misunderstanding that a strong middle class is what  enables individuals to become “wealthy”.  4% of the “new poor” in this country are former members of the middle class and a high percentage of those are from the Black middle class which has taken off and grown since the early 70s.  Unfortunately Obama has put the black middle class back where it was about 30 years ago and has been a one man wrecking ball for the great American middle class as a whole. 


Everyone is afraid to call him a socialist or Marxist when he himself in his own words in his autobiography when he admitted to subscribing to that theory and in fact young Barry was a proponent of violent overthrow before fellow Marxists convinced him that the best way in America was through “political” rather than “violent” methods.  Why would he be such good friends after all with the violent Bill Ayers as well as other well known socialist/Marxist individuals he subsequently brought into his administration.  A subject of course that the elite media (notice I didn’t say “mainstream”) thought was a ridiculous area to vet when he was running in 08.  Almost everyone ignored those connections.  Why is everyone so afraid of saying those words that Barry was so proud of years ago.  Haven’t heard a “peep” out of our noteworthy “conservative” candidates.


Of course according to Rev Sharpton who is already out there promoting “racism” and stating that any white man running against the president or who disagrees with him has to obviously be racist.    Who let the “marbles” slide out of his noggin?  So we cannot disagree with “anyone” any longer without the label of “racist”?   It doesn’t matter that the republican party and tea party ranks have filled with renown black “talented” conservatives like Col Alan West, Herman Cain, Niger Innis (Congress of Racial Equality) and writers such as Sowell, just to name a few.


Speaking of that and also of the Presidents speech which was so full of praise for the middle class he personally destroyed, why haven’t any of the candidates stopped attacking themselves long enough to refute any of the obvious lies and fallicies in the presidents’ kick-off campaign speech which was his state of the union address?  I feel cheated and upset that they are more concerned with each others faults and transgressions that they completely ignored this “farce” of an address that was in fact the presidents’ “shot across the bow” showing that “officially” he has started his campaign (even though most of us realize he never left the campaign mode and has been campaigning instead of governing from the beginning). 


The Green lobby has noticeably been absent in the media regarding the race as I’ve said before, there is an abundance of Green lobby money for failed green industries in all the republican candidates coffers.  This is despite the fact that all republican candidates at least for now are advocating as are the unions, the Keystone pipeline.  What Obama fails to see is that his Green jobs initiative is failing because the technology isn’t there yet and is ignoring the fact that we already have 20,000 out of work oil rig workers (up to 200,000 jobs available from the pipeline) already “trained” and ready to go.  The Eco-nuts in the EPA also fail to see that this pipeline is only one of 75 pipelines already going through that area of Nebraska.  Our new technology has been proven “safe” and opens the door for energy independence for us “right now” if not the immediate future, giving some of the more deserving green options for alternatives time to perfect their technology and let the market decide when they are viable.   Haven’t we learned from the Alaskan pipeline?  There have been no major problems with that pipeline and in fact caribou populations and other wildlife have flourished since these pipelines are “heated” and provide vegetation beneath for feeding even in the worst winters.  The only problems have been that since they attract wildlife, hunters have been known to accidentally hit a pipeline with  a bullet or two that quickly gets patched.


They are also noticeably silent to the fact that the only thing Obama predicted to come true was the fall in the ocean levels by ¼ inch in past few years, meaning ice is forming somewhere.  Ice is forming by the way in the Artic north of the Bearing sea as evidence by the worst ice formation in years around Nome Alaska.  A rescue party of icebreakers escorting a fuel tanker just rescued the city last week.  This is because the North pole due to deep earthquakes has moved approximately 40 miles closer to Moscow causing us in the Eastern United States as well as Greenland where all the global warming scientists are worrying and measuring melting ice 40 miles further south towards the equator and giving us warming winters.   The failure of GM to unload all of their “volt” battery vehicles is cause for alarm as we invested in GM and “told” them to do this in the first place.  Another failure of a green initiative that the Government has been throwing our scarce tax dollar at.  I am a “greenie” of the conservative bend but as a scientist I abhor and deny those who will try and foist false science on the rest of the population in an effort to line their pockets with research money and deny other scientists the ability to “peer review” their theories.  That is NOT science, nor how it is expected to work as many nobel scientists have said when they resigned in protest to the global warming religious mob.


In the end this should all be part of our current debate.  I for one voted this week and despite the fact that I knew that ALL of the candidates had taken green money as campaign “gifts” as evidenced by the fact that when questioned, they ALL responded with the same prepared script (even Christie who chose not to run) and I’m paraphrasing what they said:  “I’m not a scientist, but it seems that there is some truth to the man-made global warming and I think that we must take care of our planet and resources.”  (despite 7 other planets also warming without a human population?) Well I agree with that except I AM a scientist and know that our knee jerk reactions to protect our resources have proven more disastrous: ethanol more dangerous to atmosphere….Gore and others finally admitted, mercury laden new light bulbs in land fills causing water pollution and loss of jobs and destruction of economy due to unwise investments in technologies that are not ready for “prime time”.


Quite frankly I needed a nose clip to vote for “any” of the remaining candidates and the Florida ballot had ALL of the original cast of characters tempting many of my friends and neighbors to vote for their prior favorites as a “protest” that we in Florida were denied a decent choice.  I predict that someone sitting on the sidelines will leap in at the last minute and don’t think Hillary and other Democratic power brokers aren’t thinking about a run against Obama.  At least two of the remaining candidates are for “open borders” and all of them except Paul are anti-second amendment.


Although I won’t tell you where my voting “dart” hit, I for one knew who I wasn’t voting for as I just could not erase that horrible image of Newt smiling and sitting on the couch with Nancy discussing man-made global warming……..It was just too much of a nightmare.