News Flash fm Despondent Correspondent - Truths and Myths in new Neg Ads

News flash from Despondent Correspondent……Truths and Myths in Neg Ads
Jim Gschwind PHD


Truth versus Fact:  Yes I was writing back then and I remember the Gingrich congressional investigation.  In fact I was at this back in the 60s when I was a teenager passing out bumper stickers for Goldwater. 


Florida negative ads are starting here in Florida and although I am not a Gingrich Fan (I worked for Reagans inaugural in Dec 84/Jan 85) and can tell you that it is true that Gingrichs name was hardly known under Reagan and yes Reagan only mentioned him once in his memoirs so he wasn’t “close” as he claims (Tip Oneil Democrat..was speaker then and worked well with Reagan); The following in neg ads are not true….Gingrich was never “fined” 300,000 for ethics violations, he actually offered that much to pay for part of the ethics investigation that eventually cleared him…..I don’t love the man, just hate lies….


Take care all.  My turn to vote 31st.  And, even if you have to wear heavy duty noseclips like you did in the swimming pool as a kid when you enter that voting booth…..remember to back whomever finally wins the nomination, our purpose is to beat Obama, not ourselves.  Continuing to be politically “incorrect” as always, I say to you….In God we Trust because we “must”.