Regulate baby regulate!!!!!

Global Warming Advocates Running Scared:

Regulate Baby…Regulate!!!

Jim Gschwind PHD

The Despondent Correspondent



                        In anticipation of a conservative victory November 2012, governmental agencies involved in “Green projects” and regulatory affairs are scurrying about frantically attempting to impose as many regulations on business and the American people as possible before any funding is pulled by an incoming administration.  This has been especially noticeable in the past few months as Obama’s polling numbers become more dismal and the country has come to terms with an inevitable conservative win.  While in the republican primary season the administration and it’s media cohorts have managed to discredit any real conservative voice running for the lead in the republican race, there is still strong support for balancing a moderate republican with a true blue conservative on the ticket and there is ample evidence that there has already been backroom deals between former antagonists such as Bachman and Cain with the more moderate candidates remaining in the contest.  This is because even Romney knows he must balance the ticket with a real conservative to allay the fears of the majority of his party that he really is conservative.


                Recently the courts helped the American citizenry by delaying an EPA “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule” that was supposed to go into affect 1 Jan 2012.  The courts only delayed this rule from taking affect and according to the House Energy and Commerce Committee this rule would have raised consumers electricity bills and jeopardized up to 1.6 million jobs at a consumer cost of almost $21 billion annually.


                The Canadian pipeline deal (yes Canada is our top importer of oil) which Obama refuses to allow and the EPA has ordered an expensive and almost prohibitive detour for is still being added into last minute funding bills by House republicans in an effort to overcome Obama and the EPAs delaying tactics despite the fact that it would possibly bring in as many as 200,000 jobs to the Midwest.   Despite all the roadblocks the administration and global warming zealots have placed in the way of oil exploration and processing, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming are proving that even with tremendous regulations, the oil industry is still creating jobs.  The jobless rate in some of these areas in the Midwest has fallen below 4% and with some companies advertising in California, Louisiana and Florida for individuals to move to these areas for jobs.  Pennsylvania has become the new mecca for out of work Louisiana oil workers who have flowed into Western Pennsylvania to take advantage of the natural gas boom.  Ironic since the Quaker state was the first location for oil discoveries in America.  Meanwhile Obama says he is allowing drilling in the Gulf but his henchmen in the EPA and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) continually find ways of delaying and harassing corporations seeking to produce our own energy.  It was recently exposed that the EPA individuals concerned with the West Texas big bend leases actually made up an endangered species of lizard to halt drilling.  That’s right, just made it up folks! And kudos to the individual journalists who found this in their emails.


                The EPA, Administration and Energy Department continues to drag feet on new leases and permits for these areas to no avail as there are enough qualified leases already in operation and with new drilling techniques, companies no longer have to move rigs around to harvest the black gold or gas, but merely drill more sideways (fracking).  By the way, these companies have overcome the original fracking problems often cited by environmentalists.


                Meanwhile the administration attempts to push through as many new environmental regulations as possible trying to make it impossible to apply for and receive any new permits.  New discoveries of natural gas and oil in the continental US have made it clear that we can become energy independent with fossil fuels.  This erases one of the biggest arguments environmentalists have against the use of fossil fuels.  Current technology also has made fossil fuel use cleaner than ever before.  Despite complaints, air quality in the US has improved as much as 15% from the mid 20th century when cities such as Los Angeles  became almost totally toxic to humans.  The air quality problem now belongs to Beijing in China and New Delhi where industrialization has outstripped their local ability to manage air quality.   We’ve solved out problem, so don’t visit foreign problems on the American citizenry please.  Try blaming China or India for a change.


                Greenies are noticeably disturbed by the apparent lack of enthusiasm in the America regarding the supposed global warming.

–           Not only has the “hockey stick” graph been repudiated despite the National Academy of Sciences, begging for papers to prove global warming, but many scientists including a recent Nobel prize winning physicist have come out against what they consider an unscientifically founded fraud pointing to the lack of peer review allowed and the phony figures initially put out by the IPCC and researchers at the English East Anglica campus.  

–          Scientists such as Berkley Professor Richard Mueller who recently questioned the accuracy of measurements citing the fact that only 30% of the worlds inhabited area is being measured and those instruments are often found on roofs near warm mechanical exhaust systems for central air plants.

–          NASA has discovered that the earths oceans have receded ¼ inch in last 2 years which means ice is developing somewhere.  This might be why those scientists who continue to measure ice thickness near Greenland and Iceland who loss of ice while they should be measuring in the Siberian artic where it is thickening.  The same goes for Ice loss at McMurdo in the Antarctica continent while it thickens on the other end.

  • Why?   Because with each “deep earthquake” of close to 9.0 starting with the one that caused the Indonesian Tsunami, the earth tilts more on it’s axis and wobbles more in it’s revolutions.
  • This has caused the North Pole to move 40 Miles closer to Moscow and caused southern Greenland where scientists are conducting research to move 40 miles closer to the equator.  After this last earthquake, Japan moved westward by 24 feet and through the law of “dispersement” smaller earthquakes were noted on the east coast of the United States thus fulfilling the Newtons law of action and reaction.  In other words instead of release of pressure at one single point to offset the plate movement westward in Japan, many smaller ones were spread out on the opposite side of the plates (dispersal).
  • Evidence of this has also shown up in different weather patterns since the 9.0 underwater earthquake that caused the Tsunami.  Florida and the Gulf of Mexico has seen less and less hurricane activity since 2005 before the 9.0 earthquake and the Northern US has seen worse winters.  This is due to the worldwide jet stream changing its pattern starting at the Bering Sea.


Global Warming religious fanatics have come under increasing attack despite the fact that green energy businesses have obviously been donating to both democratic and republican candidates and especially almost all of the Republican Presidential candidates who obviously are reading from the same script when they state rather timidly that “well I’m not a scientist but….it this is true, we must take care of our environment”.   This statement has been uttered by each and every republican presidential candidate except Bachman and Cain almost to the word as if they were handed a template statement to read in case they were asked.  Evidence that the Green lobby is nothing to be toyed with and still dangerous. 


In fact Americans on their own have made our country’s air cleaner and our rivers and waterways cleaner than ever before and that is despite the “law of unintended consequences”  that occurred when the green movement forced us to buy high yield mercury laden light bulbs that wind up in our land-fills polluting the water table and out seafood.  Also despite the fact that scientists have found that ethanol creates more pollution in our atmosphere than carbon, the politicians still insist on reviving once again the ethanol subsidy, thereby denying corn as a food crop to many emerging countries that depend upon it for food.  This is proof that we can do a lot better than the “Green” lobby to keep our environment clean on our own without their well intentioned but harmful interference.   This lobby has proven and continues to prove it cares nothing for the American citizen who has been doing a far better job cleaning up local environments than the so called “professionals” and amateur scientists have.


What can we conclude?  The religiously “green” are becoming more desperate as we near the elections certain that whoever comes in will attempt to pull some major teeth in the EPA and Energy Dept.,.  Instead of lying low, they are brazenly making no secret of their last minute efforts to destroy our economy and the jobs and well-being of Americans.   November 2012 cannot come too soon or will it then be too late to reverse the damage caused?  Let’s hope we are in time.