A moment of reflection if I may

As we mark the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, it’s pretty easy for each of us who can remember that time when he lead America, and the impact he had on each of us.

I had not yet graduated high school and had had very little interest in politics, but I was comfortable listening to him on the TV during the evening news. I certainly didn’t know then what I know now, but I don’t think that the big 3 were as cantankerous then as they are now. My youngest brother was, as he is now, 2 years my junior and was actively doing his part for the nut farmer from GA.He even went to downtown Philly for an event. Nighttime on the train is still relatively safe on the Paoli Local/R5/Thorndale line of SEPTA.

My father, for reasons of his own, had disconnected himself from his entire family, and I turned to Mr.s Reagan as a man I could listen to. Over the course of his first 18 months in office, he hardly ever spoke ill of anyone or anything within the nation the America entrusted to him for at least four years. Sure there were problems, Energy, welfare, education, and a host of other things, things that have been on every Presidents list of things, “I’d like to fix.” He saw those things as roadblocks to American prosperity, things that kept Americans from fulfilling their God-given birthright to be great citizens of the City on the Hill.

I browsed a few YouTube videos and came across the one below. As I watched the images presented and listened The Duke, it occurred to me that every single image, idea, and concept portrayed in this video is exactly the way the Good Lord, with a little help from a few Americans, had envisioned America to be. Full of vibrant color, majestic mountains, endless possible combinations of God-inspired awesome beauty.

If you think about it, not much has changed in those images. Michigan winters and glaciers are still damned cold, the American Bald Eagles still soars across the skies in most parts of America, our great man-made icons are still great man-made icons.

What has changed however, is the citizenry of the City on the Hill. To many Americans don’t know or understand, or worse, have never experienced AMERICA. Far too many know only the confines and back roads within a 50 mile radius of where they grew up. For some, that distance has never exceeded 25 miles. A few people have told too many that there’s nothing out there for you. How many people and families in fly over country have never dipped their toes in the ocean? How many for the coastal metroplis’ have never chomped on an ear of corn right off the stalk?

Also, We the People has changed. Our politics have become almost poisonous. We have this demographic group pointing the fingers of responsibility for inaction ant that demographic group. We have this political faction blaming the other political faction for what ails someone we don’t even know. We have so sub-divided ourselves, that we are becoming more important to our group than to our responsibilitiesof being Americans. We have a vicious case of disharmony embedded in the very people we elect to represent us. We have ideas at our fingertips waiting to jump out and help America become more prosperous tomorrow than she was last week, but we have allowed people who work for us to tell us what we CAN”T do.

The very foundation of The Constition of the United States of America, was specifically drafted and taken up so as to tell the people who work for us what they CAN’Tdo to us. It is up to each of us to tell ourselves what we CAN AND MUST DO for ourselves. It is in our American DNA that we know that we must always be ready to lend a hand to those who need our help, the elderly, the infirmed, those down on their luck. Now it seems that OUR government has taken to turning the Constitution 180 degrees around. This is not the idea, dream and birthright of America, nor her citizens. At this juncture in our political history, we MUST take it upon ourselves to re-commit to the ideas, ideals, and principles that America runs on. America runs on US, and we are responsible for her well -being 7/24/365, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

If you need a breath of America to re-invigorate you, pack up in the early summer, throw a dart at a map of America and go see it. More importantly, turn off the in-car entertainment system and look at the spectacular country that envelopes you at every turn.   And while you’re at it, support every small business that you can, instead of the big boys. You’ll never know how great America really is until you go out and taste her. She is DELICIOUS, and savorable. She will remind you of how great a country she is, and how much she has to offer you, if only you ask of yourself.

Get out and re-discover the Land of the Free and the Home of Brave. Have a great trip. Come back and reclaim your citizenship in that shining City on a Hill