Duelling Drilling Decisions

Tears filled my eyes @ 11:10p.m. EDT tonight as a nation rallied behind a NATIONAL rescue effort in Copiapo, Chile. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera put himself front and center of this mine collapse disaster, marshalling every possible resource to effect this rescue. National and international resources responded to the call for help without every having given the thought of not responding and giving their very best. Not withstanding the amazing contributions of each and every Chilean citizen who participated and contributed something, even if it was just a sweater for a family member in the chilly evening air. (As I write this 2 have been rescued)

President Sebastian Pinera was unabashed in his immediate international call for assistance and never refused the input from anyone who could potentially provide insight. He delegated that which needed to be delegated. He spoke to his citizens honestly, promising and delivering every resource that he could bring to bear to solve the problem, he stood before the cameras and took accountability for the actions of his subordinates. He marshalled the emotion of the country, so that the front line rescue team could work from that positive energy. His administration had only one priority once it was realized that 33 men were trapped 2472 feet below the Chilean desert – SAVE LIVES. Nothing else in Chile, that didn’t need Presidential intervention, mattered.

What an amazing round of smiles, hugs, tears. President Pinera is absolutely BEAMING. He is the epitome of the pride of the Red White and Blue of Chilean pride. You can’t blame him. How can you not cheer for him?

In another month of the same year, from half a word away, another drilling disaster claimed the lives of 11 men in mere minutes. The American President Barack Obama failed to address the calamity of the event for 5 days. He managed to dispatch lawyers alongside of departmental secretaries, none of which had a clue about anything other than how to put a boot on the neck of the drilling company. Looking to find fault before a solution to the problem has been the modus operandi of the administration in the Northern Hemisphere, and would be on full display during the duration of the continuing spill for 3 months.

Adding insult to already seriously wounded economy, He truned down offers of assistance from countries with shoreline oil recovery experience; Unsaid, unions needed to be placated by shipping operations and waved the Jones Act under his nose and wagged their fingers. He rebuffed a small New England businessman who stopped his income producing operations to manufacture miles of oils soaking boom; Since it wasn’t up to federal specifications, none was purchased and the oil bombarded the TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL shorelines.

When BP finally declared the well in the Gulf dead, President Obama exhibited the same scowl on his face that he wore for the 57 days of that disaster. He was angry at the eventual success of BP. I think he would have been content for it to leak for another month just so he could extract more money from them and make BP a weaker company.

Chile will be a better country for this disaster. Who could challenge President Pinera for reelection? Why?

America had been injured both politically in the preceding 15 months with unpopular actions from the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government. The Gulf Coast was then injured geophysically by the spill, and then more Administration injury with the moratorium of drilling.

The only enthusiasm that can be generated around Presidnet Obama is that which is drawn into his assemblies and appearances in front of die-hard politically friendly groups who absolutley refuse to admit to the overall damage the he is doing to the country. He has certainly lost his luster, his mojo, and worst of all, the faith of the country that he ran to lead.