For many years, and certainly with the benefit of hindsight, we have seen what the HAVENOTS have wrought upon our country and our economy. The HAVENOTS have been led by the community organizers across the country. They have had their way, starting back with Carter (D-GA) and the original Community Reinvestment Act, and the subsequent establishment of Fannie and Freddie MAC. Once the HAVENOTS got a taste of the power they wielded over commerce and congress, they became emboldened and brasher in their tactics. Rules for Radicals was the official title of what Rush calls the “Democratic Playbook.” The law book of the secularists who could give a damn abound a fair and democratic process. Intimidation and coercion were the rules to play by. The HAVENOTS continued to draw more and more from the national teat and their appetite for more has never been sated.

In the summer of 2009, there awoke a sleeping giant, the likes of which has NEVER been seen on the field of play that the HAVENOTS have ever witnessed. We The People are the WANTNOTS in this debate over HR3200, The Health Care Reform Act. The WANTNOTS are not by definition AGAINST health care reform in general, we recognize that there are substantial flaws in the way parts of our healthcare system works and the care that it delivers. The WANTNOTS do not want this bad legislation to get passed and condemn our great-grandchildren to years of healthcare debt, tied with the burden our Congress rammed down our throats a few short months ago. We are sick of it and we don’t want it. We don’t need an insurance company to tell us that this is a bad piece of legislation; we are not going to these town hall meetings from outside of our district, denying constituents a seat and a voice. We answer to no one, we honor the Constitution of the United States, and we take great offense to being called a “mob,” or accused of carrying, “swastika’s,” and having our integrity impugned by the most unethical Administration ever to occupy the Oval Office.

There is no debate of the skill and dedication of the professionals who work in the profession of their choosing. There is great concern over how the dollars that move around the healthcare system are earned and spent, invested and profited, etc. The administration of healthcare is burdened with overregulation and financial challenges of all measure.

The WANTNOTS at this time are plain old, hard working Americans who love this country so much that in this time of economic upheaval, many are taking person, vacation or comp time from their usually productive lives in order to participate and have their voices heard by their elected representative(s) from Washington D.C. There are so many informed and now participating Americans in this healthcare debate that the usual roster of HAVENOTS strong arms have had to be called in in an attempt to stifle our voice.

Union thug presence is prevalent in the many videos now on-line, they are not even trying to hide. SEIU isn’t hiding their linebacker sized goon squad from the cameras. They want to be seen!

The HAVENOTS have turned our country into a weak, debt-ridden, uninspiring place to live, where most peoples’ most important activity is leering at celebrities at the grocery checkout or texting their BFF about what Suzie Q did with Johnnie D last night.


Well, “No more,” I say. The HAVENOTS have done enough damage to this country. The WANTNOTS aren’t going to sit around any more and be force fed crap sandwiches by this administration.

We will engage in the arena of ideas.

We will engage when legislation that we deem inappropriate use of our hard earned tax dollars is a bad idea.

We will expose bad behavior, on both sides of the debate.

We will get loud enough so that eventually OUR ideas for legislation will be heard, and discussed in the open without being summarily dismissed because our opposition says, “We Won.”


The WANTNOTS will continue to exist for the purpose of making AMERICA a better place to live for all, not just propping up those who choose to do nothing, or receive billions of political kickback dollars to pose as an interested party.


HAVENOTS, your days are numbered. They may not end soon enough, but they will end soon.