There's More to a Veteran than meets the eye.

While I was driving in Delaware’s second busiest shooping corridor yesterday, a nearby SUV was displaying a license plate that, I had not previously seen,caught my eye. The letters GSM were arranged vertically and then the serial number of the plate. Immediately next to the plate, was a Red bordered white decal with a Gold Star atop a Blue Star. As I drew closer, I was able to read the botom of the license plate GOLD STAR FAMILY. It was plainly obvious that this man honors the service of his two children.

As I drove alongside this father of two American Heroes, I matched his speed, torned to look as him, and when our eyes met, I presented him with a SHARP hand salute, he nodded and I continued on. In my rearview mirror, I saw him falsh his headlights at me as he caught my Retired Navy stickers on my rear window. They will soon be joined by my Retired Military (Navy) plate.

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Deskpilot, AM(H)1 (AW), USN(Ret)