John Boehner Must Go!

John Boehner must go!

John Boehner is the poster boy for what is wrong with the Republican Party. He’s arrogant, smug, distant, and dismissive of the base of the party. He’s only Speaker due to the hard work of conservatives in 2010 and yet he’s “leading” in opposition to the desires of the base. He sneaks around Capitol Hill trying to undermine and defeat conservatives at every turn. The man is causing conservatives to focus much of our energy in thwarting him and his collusion with the Democrats rather than allowing us to focus exclusively on the Democrats. He’s a distraction and he must go, Boehner delenda est!

Boehner easily survived his primary, as expected, and feels little pressure to change his ways. He has surrounded himself with clones of himself who work relentlessly to thwart the conservative agenda. Boehner has become an obstacle that must be overcome, Boehner delenda est!

Boehner’s district, Ohio’s 8th, is solidly Republican and is 35D/65R according to the Cook Political Report. In 2010 Boehner got 65.6% of the vote against his Democrat opponent and in 2012 he ran unopposed. This is a very safe Republican district.

I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with the assertion that Boehner must go. But having lost our chance to defeat him in the primary, what are we to do? I think that we should encourage Ohio Republicans to support Boehner’s Democrat opponent to demonstrate to Boehner, and the rest of the backstabbing, Chamber of Commerce whoring SOBs the lengths we’re willing to go to defeat them.

I believe that a freshman Democrat in a 65R/35D district is far less a danger to the GOP than John Boehner. And given heavy Republican nature of the district we can expect to easily recapture the seat in 2016 and get rid of the Democrat placeholder.

Removing Boehner will not pose any risk to the Republican House majority and will send shockwaves through the Establishment giving them pause, more so even than Cantor’s defeat. If we can’t defeat Boehner perhaps even making the attempt will scare the Establishment into getting their act together, for a short time anyway.

Boehner delenda est! Let’s make it happen.