MIA- Environmentalists abandon Mother Earth for Liberal Ideology

One would think based on their anti-human rhetoric that environmentalists would be natural allies of those seeking to eliminate illegal immigration and dramatically reduce legal immigration. You would be wrong.

Environmentalists are on record supporting abortion and demanding that people reduce their consumption of resources in order to “save the planet”, so it only makes sense that they would oppose the immigration fueled growth of the US as detrimental to the environment. But they don’t.

Below is a letter I wrote to the Sierra Club just last week asking them their position on the current immigration bill. I wrote the letter as if I were an enthusiastic supporter of the SC and their co-religionists.

Good afternoon,
I’m writing to you in regard to your position on the pending immigration reform bill making its way through Congress. As someone who is a strong supporter of population stabilization as a means of reducing resource consumption, environmental degradation, increased deforestation for parking lots, homes, retailing, et al, I am strongly against giving amnesty to those here illegally and would like our government to end all immigration.

It is very frustrating for me when I hear environmental groups I support, such as the SC, challenge us to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, increase the use of renewable, etc. all in the important effort to save the planet but refuse to oppose immigration fueled population growth. With the western US already struggling with water shortages how can we possibly bring in more people who will place further strain on our very fragile and limited water resources? How can we import more people who will drive the expansion of corporate farming, increased farm runoff into our waterways, increased fossil fuel usage, increased congestion, etc? How can we wage our battle to improve our environment one person at a time while you remain silent on a bill that would inundate us with people who will exponentially exacerbate the problems we face? I’ve seen estimates that the immigration bill, as drafted by the senate, will bring in as many as 30 million new immigrants over the next 20 years. It makes me want to throw in the towel on even trying to be a good steward of our nation and planet when faced with the threat of 30 million more consumers and destroyers.

I am concerned that the SC et al have placed supporting the Democrat party agenda ahead of our environment and the silence from the environmental community so far is validating my concern.
I urge you to speak out in opposition to this environmental catastrophe in the making.

Thank you,

And below is the response I received this morning:


Thank you for contacting the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club Board of Directors has adopted a position in favor of a legal path to citizenship for America’s undocumented immigrants (DerKrieger note: notice the use of the accepted Liberal language here). As you probably know, the Sierra Club’s board is all-volunteer and is elected by our membership.

In making its unanimous decision, the Board felt strongly that establishing a just path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in America today would empower those in our society who are most vulnerable to toxic pollution. This would allow today’s undocumented immigrants to fully participate in our democracy, fight back against polluters and demand public health protections and clean energy solutions.

The Sierra Club continues to support women’s rights and empowerment, access to family planning (DerKrieger note: a.k.a. abortion), human rights and environmental protection in people’s countries of origin. We also continue our opposition to the construction of the border wall.

For more information, please read President Allison Chin and Executive
Director Michael Brune’s blog post


For the Club’s official position on Immigration, please visit us at:

If you would like to contact the board regarding this policy, you can
email them at the following:
[email protected]

Your support of the Sierra Club is greatly appreciated. Please let us
know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet

Best Regards,

Carrie-Michelle Matteucci
Sierra Club Information

There is so much in this statement that is just crap. They are clearly only supporting amnesty because it will further empower the Democrat party and the environmental agenda.

Let’s take this statement as an example,

This would allow today’s undocumented immigrants to fully participate in our democracy, fight back against polluters and demand public health protections and clean energy solutions.

I haven’t met a lot of illegals but I would be willing to wager that the poor, illiterate/semi-literate, low-skilled/no-skilled people who have come here to work aren’t much concerned about the environment. I’ve seen photos of the trash they leave in the desert when sneaking into the country. Amnestied illegals will take absolutely no interest in the environment as that is only a luxury of the well off and comfortable. I also doubt we’ll see a groundswell of illegals demanding more windmills and solar power plants once they’re legalized.

The environmental Leftists need to be called on this because their twisted logic is just an excuse to support the Democrat party and through them advance their Utopian agenda.

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