Show Me the Money!

Annual federal spending has grown to over $3 Trillion under Obama including the addition of nearly $800 Billion to the baseline every year thanks to the so-called stimulus.

Does anyone have any idea on what we are spending all this money?

The right thinking public is frustrated and alarmed by the massive federal budget, debt, and deficit but have idea where to direct our ire.

In my home I am the breadwinner and my wife manages the family budget. When she tells me that we’re running out of money before I am scheduled to get paid again and I get mad about it, she tells me to turn on the computer, open up Excel and look at each expenditure that we’ve made. When I do so the anger turns to understanding, frustration, and eventually, conversation about how we can do better to stretch our money between paydays. Without this transparency managing our family finances would be very difficult and likely lead to a lot more fighting between us.

So, in this day and age where electronic banking and all manner of financial transactions are conducted routinely online by individuals and businesses alike why can we not demand that the federal government put the entire budget of the United States online for all of America to review?

The budgets of every single agency, office, and bureau save those involved in national security, should be online down to the paperclip so that We the People know where our money is being spent and can start to have some say so in where we believe we can cut back.

I strongly believe that if we had such detailed transparency that the public would 1) be outraged to find out where much of their hard earned money was being wasted and 2) that we could find hundreds of billions in spending that we could demand be eliminated. Whole cottage industries would sprout up around various agencies highlighting their waste, bloat, and spendthrift ways.

It would also be very educational for the uninformed voters who believe that defense rather than wealth transfers consumes most of our federal budget.

I think this should be a top goal for the GOP and for anyone serious about reining in the spending in Washington.