Creating a stealth national gun registry or database

Supporters of the 2nd Amendment are rightly opposed to the federal government, or any government, creating and maintaining a national gun registry; fearing, perhaps rightly, that any such database will be the first step toward confiscation. Most people seem to believe that if Congress doesn’t authorize such a registry that one will never be created.

I want to tell you how such a database can be created without your knowledge.

Back in 2007 I briefly worked for a data company, Acxiom Corp. Acxiom’s primary customer was the consumers of customer data such as banks, retailers, and marketers of all stripes. Ever wonder how that junk mail seems to follow you when you move?

To provide its customers with high quality data Acxiom is also a consumer of massive quantities of data from its customers, governments, the post office, and other large data holders.

With enough data it is possible for them to know just about anything about you; including whether or not you own a weapon and even what kind without you having to provide them with the information.

So, how would the federal government use this data to create a stealth gun registry?

The government could pass a bill, or Obama could issue a decree Executive Order, that required data companies, including banks and credit card companies, to turn over certain consumer data to some seemingly harmless government agency like the Census Bureau. They would only need a few bits of data from the banks and from companies like Acxiom: all sales data from all authorized firearms dealers including the SKU of the item sold and the credit card number of the buyer. The SKU info will tell them what was purchased, i.e. ammunition, accessories, et al and from that they can determine at least the caliber of your weapon. The credit card information will tell them who you are and where you live. They can use companies like Acxiom to check the quality of the address data to make sure they get the right house before busting down your door.

And you won’t be able to avoid being registered by using a gift card instead of a credit or debit card if that gift card was bought with a debit or credit card because the ID numbers of each are linked in the purchase transaction. It would just require an extra step in the data mining to ID you.

I may be paranoid but I wouldn’t put it past the Left to do such a thing as I’ve described. With today’s IT systems it’s laughably easy to do.

The best way to avoid a stealth registration is to only buy with cash if possible.