The War is Lost – Time to establish a Red State Redoubt

Prior to the election I was rather sanguine about it because I honestly thought Romney would pull out a win. I did, however, think that it might be the last time a Republican would win the White House due, in part, to demographic changes driven by politics and not the American people.

Since the election though I have become despondent and I have come to believe that not only have we lost the last battle but that we have lost the war and that the Left, after decades of effort if not actual planning, has utterly defeated us.

It’s not a matter now of if we become a European style country but when.
The long march through the institutions that the Left embarked on a century ago is nearly complete; as is our destruction as a nation of free people. Conservatives by our nature are reactionary, that is we act only acted upon. We conservatives prefer to be left to our own devices and private associations; seeking help within our communities and organizations.

So while we slept, or rather while we worked, tended to our families, and generally minded our own business, the enemy has conquered us. While we slept the Left has taken over the government, the media, entertainment, the courts, and all the major levers of power. They have indoctrinated rather than educated our children. And we let them. They have pushed propaganda at us via television and movies for decades. And we let them. They have ridiculed our beliefs. And we let them.

I think it is with conservatives in mind that Thomas Jefferson wrote

“…all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

It is only after the abuses become insufferable that we conservatives rouse ourselves to do something about it. The question is then, what are we going to do about it and when?

The divide between Left and Right is a vast, unbridgeable chasm. Our differences are over the fundamental question of the proper size, scope, and role of government and our beliefs couldn’t be farther apart. There simply is no room for compromise.

In my opinion there are only two options remaining; dissolution of the nation into two separate countries or the creation of a Red State Redoubt, a conservative fortress, bolstered by muscular implementation and practice of federalism. If we do not dissolve the union we must act as though we have and start treating the Left as enemies and not as nice people with whom we have some minor disagreements.

We can already see that Blue states are becoming bluer and Red states redder. The risk of not dissolving the union is that Red states go the way of North Carolina, a former solidly red state turned purple due to its success in creating a welcoming, conservative, business-friendly state. We aren’t able to keep the plague of Liberalism at bay as long as we are a single nation. The locusts eventually lay waste to our states.

The dissolution of the union while a long term possibility isn’t a strategy to pursue. Instead we must use our perhaps temporary supermajorities in solidly red states to make them into hostile territory for Liberals and Liberalism. We need to drive them out.

As I alluded to at the beginning of this post, I think we’ve lost the war, our only option is to secure what remains of the conservative ‘homeland’ and prepare to fight for our survival against our would be masters.

Feel free to try and talk me down off the ledge.