Is Help on the Way?

We may be about to get a heavy hitter in the conservative movement to start the push for federalism and educate a wide audience about its potential…Mark Levin.

I was listening to his Friday radio program and he said that we can no longer depend on or look to the federal government so solve our problems. He said he has no faith in the likes of Boehner or McConnell to have the backbone to do what is necessary. Nor frankly do conservatives have the numbers at the federal level to turn back the statists.

He also made a point I’ve made repeatedly, that we can’t depend on federal GOP legislators to support federalism because they won’t willingly give up their power. That’s why I use language like seize when discussing what will be necessary to restore power to the states.

Mark wouldn’t elaborate or explicitly say he was going to start discussing federalism until he thought it through more, but I don’t know what else he could be talking about. I will continue to listen and provide updates.