Dear Republican Governors, we need you.

With the unfortunate reelection of Barack Obama our chances of repealing Obamacare are close to zero. So now it is up to us and our state legislators and governors.

When the states ratified the Constitution they didn’t agree to become subservient to the federal government. States still retain the rights and powers per the 10th Amendment even though those powers have been severely weakened from lack of exercise.

It is time for all of us to start contacting our governors, state legislators, and as many TEA Party organizations as possible to enlist their help in reestablishing federalism.

Today I sent the below letter via snail mail to all GOP governors:

Dear Governor,
I am writing as a deeply patriotic American, a veteran, a husband, a father, and someone who loves this country too much to give up on it.

I, like many conservatives, am extremely disappointed in the outcome of the election; I believe if conservatives don’t act to stop the president we will emerge from his last four years as a socialist country with only a thin veneer of free market capitalism and individual liberty remaining.

Having become quite intimate with the Constitution over the last several years I believe our ‘salvation’, if you will, is the 10th Amendment and a return to federalism.
The Founders, as you well know, didn’t seek to establish an all-powerful central government with the power to dictate how we free citizens manage our lives, and I refuse to submit to such a government. I demand to retain my God given right to take care of myself. I will not become a subject whose life is directed from cradle to grave by a smothering nanny state.
The Founders, in their infinite wisdom, included the 10th Amendment in the Constitution to explicitly state that those powers not specifically enumerated to the federal government were to remain with the states and the people.

Since the Wilson era, and possibly since the end of the Civil War, the federal government has usurped more and more of the states’ rightful powers and over time reduced the states to little more than administrative units of the central government. This centralization more than anything is responsible for much of the gridlock and acrimony in DC as the liberal and conservative world views clash over how large and intrusive the federal government ought to be. The Liberal agenda of redistribution, ‘fairness’, equality of outcome, et al cannot succeed without the centralization of power.

So much of what comes out of the federal government today and since the New Deal is grossly unconstitutional and well beyond their enumerated powers.
Obamacare is perhaps the best, most recent example of unconstitutional legislation; in spite of the SCOTUS ruling.

Now that Obama has been reelected Obamacare is likely to become permanent until such time it, and other programs, collapses the welfare state. Since Obamacare is without a doubt unconstitutional, I believe that it is well within the 10th Amendment powers of the states to reject it and to prevent its implementation within their borders. Without cooperation from the states it cannot survive.

I believe that it is well past time for the states to reassert their constitutional powers to rein in the federal government, protect their citizens from the rapacious predations of the socialists that have taken over the Democrat party, and to seize back those powers that have for so long been usurped.

The beauty of federalism is that it allows the states to compete with each other to limit government, limit taxation, and allow states’ residents to mold their state governments to best suit their needs. With the usurpation of so many states’ prerogatives that system has broken down. Now the impact of Nevada electing a Harry Reid has serious repercussions to me as a citizen or Arkansas. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

I am writing to all GOP governors, the Republican Governors Association, and as many TEA Party groups as possible in the hope that I can get someone, anyone, to take up the banner of conservatism, Americanism, the Constitution, and the reestablishment of self-determination and liberty through the use of the 10th Amendment. I hope that We the People can count on you to be one of the leaders of this movement.

I hope all readers will help save our republic and our liberties by helping in this cause.