Can GOP Governors kill Obamacare?

With the recent announcements by GOP governors Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, and Sam Brownback that thanks to the SC ruling they won’t immediately expand Medicaid we may have another opening to kill Obamacare.

What would happen to Obamacare if all 26 states that were party to the lawsuit against PPACA were to refuse to implement exchanges and expand their Medicaid programs? Could they cause a collapse of the program? Could they cause an exodus of the uninsured to blue states that do implement the expansion and thus overwhelm those states?

Obamacare remains an unconstitutional abomination in spite of John Roberts twisted logic to say otherwise.

I believe we have a better chance of ridding ourselves and our children of Obamacare if we focus on keeping the states from ever implementing it.

As I’ve been writing about for some time, I believe that only a return to a strong federlism system can save our repubic. We absolutely must cut the federal government back down to a manageable size.

The federal government is a creation of the states; if the Founders had ever believed that their states would one day be subordinate to the federal government they would have never signed the Constitution. It’s well past time to sieze back the powers that the federal government has been usurping since the aftermath of the Civil War and that accelerated under Wilson and Roosevelt.

Too many of us and too many prominent bloggers focus exclusively on the federal government and the national GOP expecting that they will find the guts to right this ship. We need to focus much more attention on our states. It would be nice if we could get more prominent conservatives to start discussing federalism and how it is a strategic advantage for conservatives.

Liberals hate federalism because it denies them the ability to impose their one-size-fits-all agenda on everyone. They can’t exist in a federal system.

We can defeat the Left via a divide and conquer federalism strategy. Let’s get to it!