Home Invasion

I work for Wal-Mart at the Home Office (HO) in Bentonville, AR and we were the target of a small union demonstration today.

We had a bunch of Wall St. analysts in town for one of our annual updates and the UFCW got wind of the news so decided to show up.

They bussed in two bus loads of people from out of town. There were two charter buses parked across the street from the HO and it looked like there may have been about 100 union folks there for the cameras. I could tell they were from out of town not only because of the charter buses but also because there were more black Americans in the crowd than there are in the entire town. The largest minority groups here are Hispanics and Indian IT people.

It was quite a pitiful, short-lived, for the cameras only affair. I saw them on my way to the gym and they were gone when I came back.

I have a picture of the protesters but don’t know how to embed it.