If not now, then when? If not us, then who?


When it comes to the topic of secession those of us who broach it seriously are often in the receiving end of conservative scorn and liberal ridicule. But a serious look as the ideological division of the country can only lead one to conclude undeniably that the differences between the Left and the Right are unalterably irreconcilable.
The Left is composed of countless special interest groups continually agitating for privilege, money, position, influence and most of all, power but the entirety of the Left can be divided into two distinct parts; those that want something from government and those that want power over others. We conservatives on the other hand by and large simply want to be left alone, neither wanting anything from government nor wanting any power over our fellow citizens.
As I hear leaders on the Left speak, read the thoughts and opinions of the average Liberal, and as I understand their vision for our republic I have to come to believe that we are incapable of living together peacefully.
Our choices then are to utterly defeat them at the ballot box so that we can reverse the damage they have done over many decades or to divorce them. Due to numerous factors it’s not likely that we will ever defeat them long enough or severely enough to restore our Constitutional form of government because we simply don’t have the numbers nor can we match the Left in its stamina. The Left on the other hand are true believers. Their stamina and conviction delivered Obamacare to them, a decades long goal that has lived longer than its earliest proponents. Personally I don’t want to spend the rest of my life fighting for fewer and fewer scraps of the liberty our federal government allows.
Although the Left are led by an authoritarian minded, intellectual elite determined to impose socialism upon us they aren’t entirely to blame. Rather than fighting for liberty and limited government the GOP for generations has been all too eager to join the Democrats in growing the government to increase their power and grow the government. They just aren’t overtly socialist; they’re merely passive in the fight against it. So all the GOP has managed to do is act as a speed control over the pace of the collectivization of our nation. Not once has the GOP succeeded in not only stopping the Left much less reversing the inexorable march down the road to serfdom.
It is clear and obvious that conservatives do NOT need liberals because we believe strongly in self-sufficiency and are not reliant on the government for our sustenance. Liberals however, cannot live without us. They depend on us for the financing of the welfare state to which they are either slave or master. A Liberal state would quickly collapse without diligent, law-abiding, taxpaying conservatives.
What better evidence of the Liberal need for conservatives than their refusal to support federalism as delineated in the Constitution. Federalism means freedom and an avenue of escape from high tax, high regulation, compulsory unionism, blue states. The imposition of federal legislation over areas constitutionally left to the states is a means of preventing escape. Can you escape Medicare, Social Security, the Departments of Education, Energy, Transportation, the EPA, HUD, et al? The Left has used the federal government to usurp the rightful domain of the states through the power to tax and the bureaucracies.
How is it that a minority of Americans has come to control the majority? Polling has long indicated that only about 20% of Americans consider themselves Liberals while twice that number consider themselves Conservatives with independents identifying more often with conservatives.
In my opinion the only way to escape is for conservatives to begin to seriously discuss secession. Only via secession do we have a chance to prevent a total financial collapse, to tap our vast energy resources, to reduce the size and scope of government, to properly and adequately defend ourselves, and to begin to live our lives for ourselves and not in defense of ever shrinking liberties.
What is it going to take for people to say “enough” and start to emancipate themselves from our wannabe masters? Must we suffer decades of Obamacare before we fight? Should we wait until we can no longer afford to drive except to work? Should we wait until we’re told where we’re to work and in what occupations? Must we taxpayers become truly indentured servants? Are we not already there? Will the day come when those of us that actually pay federal income tax will be compelled to continue working so that our incomes can be confiscated to pay for the majority that pays no income taxes?
We will not remain free as long as we remain wedded to half of the country that wants to be dependent on government and are free to be dependent on government as long as we foot the bill. I believe secession is the answer.