Walker goes for the trifecta!

I’ve read a lot of comments from WI union members over the course of the last week and I find it surprising that so many of them seem not to understand the most damaging, to unions, of Walker’s proposed reforms. The unionistas almost exclusively complain about their loss of collective bargaining for everything but base salary and act as though this is their Armageddon. In my opinion this is a point on which Walker could negotiate if he wanted to appear to be making concessions.

The real damage to the unions are:

1. The end of mandatory union membership to work for state or local WI government. How many people will opt out of the union, keeping their money for themselves and thus depriving union coffers of money for Democrats?

2. The end of the government collecting union dues on behalf of the unions. Just as Democrats need employers to deduct our taxes they also need employers to deduct union dues so that members pay scant attention to the transaction. If members have to actually sit down and write checks to the union and see how that impacts their personal finances then refer to 1 above.

3. Requiring that union representation be voted upon by secret ballot yearly. This measure is the anti-card check. Just as the Left is moving one way, Governor Walker is aggressively moving the other way. Without mandatory union membership and no army of thugs to stand over their shoulders, yet, while voting for union representation many members are likely to vote against union representation.

The locals may not realize that these and not their collective bargaining “rights” are their real death knell but Obama and the national union establishment sure do. That’s why they’re getting involved in this situation. The three reasons cited above have the potential to decimate union membership and thus union contributions to the Democrat party and the union bosses and the Democrat party know it and are fighting for their long term survival.