Dear Leftists

You’ve spent nearly a week now foaming at the mouth about heated political rhetoric supposedly coming from the Right and driving a crazy man to violence. You seek to blame this attack on us to your advantage. And in your desperation to recover lost ground among the electorate I can understand the attempt. What you can’t or won’t understand is that the violence you are doing to our Constitutional republic is what is ratcheting up the anger among conservatives that may, unfortunately, result in real political violence. In a nation of over 300 million people there are bound to be people who act on their anger. Although I believe we conservatives will ultimately prevail at the ballot box as long as your party is dominated by socialists far removed from traditional democrats like JFK, I think that your continuing and even stepped up efforts to impose on an unwilling populace your socialist, big government policies will cause increased unrest and really hot political rhetoric. It is your unyielding drive to enslave We the People to your vision of Utopia that is causing most of the discord in our country. If you really want to tone down the rhetoric then the method is clear; stop. Stop forcing us into big government programs we tell you we don’t want, stop taking our earnings from us to give to others, stop regulating our employers to the point they lay us off and/or depart for more friendly nations, stop trying to tell us how to live our lives, stop lecturing us, stop claiming that every one of life’s problems has a government solution, stop telling us that socialism will work if only the “right” people are allowed to give it a try, stop limiting our access to our own energy resources, stop telling us that our middle-class lifestyles are destroying the planet, stop it all, just…stop and leave us alone. Then and only then will the nation’s political temperature cool.