Cap & Trade Transparency Act

With the EPA’s ruling last week regarding CO2, the odds we will get an economy killing Cap & Trade tax shoved down our throats are significantly higher. How are we to fight back against this menace? One idea I had and shared with my GOP Congressman, John Boozman (D-AR), was an amendment attached to the Waxman/Markey bill, if that’s the carbon tax vehicle of choice, requiring all businesses to add a separate line item on any bill or recipt that explicitly lists the amount of tax imposed from cap & trade. Cap & Trade is not much more than a European style VAT tax applied at every point of production and transportation and therefore should be transparent in prices. Since the Democrats are who they are they will of course oppose this idea because it exposes them, which naturally makes this a good idea. Congress should not be allowed to hide behind the companies that are forced to collect this tax on Congress’ behalf and then jump on the anti-business bandwagon when people take their anger out on their utilities, Big Oil, and everyone else with whom they do business. If htis is the path we are being forced to take, let’s at least demand we know who’s doing the driving.