Suicidal democrats?

If I were a democrat and lived where I do and all I cared about was politics — which I think, given what I perceive as their constant whining about things might be accurate — I’d be semi-suicidal.

I took my bride to the airport early today to catch a flight and for purely selfish reasons I detoured on the way back to the home office to the county seat to absentee vote. Much as I’m curious about what the turnout is going to be 18 days from now, the well meaning folks in my local precinct are slow as molasses getting people through there so I opted out of that. But hey at least I voted.

What truly amazed me was that I found myself voting a straight Republican ticket for the first time in my life. Ordinarily I scatter votes around between Republicans and Libertarians. Because to me the Democrat Party represents the party of slavery to the state and death to the unborn, as a moral choice, I have only voted for a single Democrat since I voted for George McGovern. There’s a long story behind that one that I won’t bore you with but suffice it to say it includes the words “college” and “girl friend.” The other Democrat I voted for was a guy running for Indiana Secretary of State maybe 15 years ago whose entire campaign was based on eliminating the office. As he put it, why can’t the other state executive organizations file and keep track of their own blasted paperwork? Indeed!

What I was confronted with on the ballot today was amazing in the sense that there was exactly one, repeat one, Democrat running for a county job. And that guy won’t win because it’s one of those “vote for three” township races and the other three in the race are Republicans. There were only four Libertarians on the entire ballot as I recall. The only Democrats on it were the guy in the township race, Ellsworth who’s running against Coates for the seat Bayh holds now and the guy running for the IN-4 congressional seat, which is an open spot because of Steve Buyer’s retirement. I’d never seen that individual’s name before today and I’ll probably never see it again. Allowing for redrawing the district’s lines over the years as best you can, the last time IN-4 went for a Democrat … and I’m not making this up … Coolidge was president. I’m guessing the RNCC sees this as a “safe seat.”

Given that it takes some enthusiasm to make a race, particularly in a place like this where the odds are steeply against you, I suppose in this election cycle this is not too surprising. But it does make me wonder, where else have Democrats thrown in the towel? And it also tends to cement in my mind Rush’s recent contention that all the media happy talk about closing the enthusiasm gap is so much balderdash.